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I’ve been obsessed with “Year End” lists for as long as I can remember. When December gets close, some people get excited for the Holidays and New Years celebrations, I get excited for long lists and looking back and the things we loved and hated from that year. I know, it’s a little weird. But when I started Buffalo Eats in 2009, I knew that I wanted to incorporate “Year End Coverage” somehow into this blog.

Those ideas have changed over the years, as you can see from the list below. But what has become our signature thing and my single favorite Buffalo Eats feature of all time, is asking our friends about their favorite meals of the year. Since 2012 we’ve reached out to Western New Yorkers who are either in the restaurant industry or doing something cool locally about their favorite meals and the answers are always inspiring and just give me a warm feeling inside.

Here’s a breakdown of every Year End post we’ve had since we started in 2009 (podcasts are in the process of being re-uploaded).






  • Favorite Meals Series:
    • Part 1: Rachel Fix Dominguez, Cam Rector, Thomas Jablonski, Jason Draper, Mike Shatzel, Mac McGuire, Mike Literman, Corey Siegel, Michael Obarka, Jill Gedra Forster, Sarah Walley, Chris Schobert, Matt Carlucci, Tony Rials, Chad Maslanka
    • Part 2: Chris Taylor, Jason Wulf, Carmelo Raimondi, Marco Sciortino, Phil Dzikiy, Deb Clark, Christa Glennie Seychew, Brad Rowell, Matt Kahn, Ann Hacket, Jennifer Boye, Jessica Railey, Tommy Lombardo, Calvin College, Nick Guy
    • Part 3: Ben Tsujimoto, Erik Bernardi, Kevin Purdy, Alan Bedenko, Ivy Knight, Corey Catalano, Adam Kern, Rich Tilyou, Joe Kennedy, Kerry Quaile, Laura Anhalt, Mike Andrzejewski, Bill Rapaport, Paul Vroman, Mike Dimmer, Paul Tripi, Franco Kroese
    • Part 4: Frank Dispenza, Frank Tripi, SJ Velasquez, Nathan Hurtt, Annie Levay-Krause, Edward Forster, Chris Hitchcock, Seamus Gallivan, Derek Neuland, Emily Koenigsberg, DJ Cook, Nina Barone, Michael Bernhardt, Ross Warhol, Christian Willmott, Chris Daigler
    • Part 5: James Roberts, Teddy Bryant, Julia Burke, Chris Lindstrom, Kelly Brewer, Chris Seymour, Bruce Wieszala, Scotty Harris, Renee Allen, Michael Khoury, Ken Legnon, Steve Gedra, Rick Criden, Nelson Starr
    • Tom’s Favorite Meals of 2013
    • Alli’s Favorite Meals of 2013
    • Donnie’s Favorite Meals of 2013
  • Year End Recap Podcast: The Bad Stuff, The Good Stuff
  • Best of 2013 Podcast
  • Our Top 13 Food Pictures
  • Year Five Recap



  • Favorite Meals Series:
    • Part 1: Alan Bedenko, Bryan Mecozzi, Thomas Jablonski, Robbie Gianadda, Jennifer Boye, Ed Forster
    • Part 2: Jay Langfelder, RJ Marvin, Kate Hey, Jill Gedra Forster, Jason Wulf, Tommy Lombardo, Dustin Murphy
    • Part 3: Brad Rowell, Sam Scarcello, Patrick Finan, Matt Yuhnke, Michael Dimmer, Allison Ewing, Mac McGuire
    • Buffalo Eats Staff: Donnie Burtless, Allison Suriani, Tom Przybylak, Michal Chelus, Nick Guy, Andrew Pentheros, Lizz Schumer, Joseph Leta
    • Jeff Biesinger’s Favorite Things from 2015
  • Year Seven Recap


  • Favorite Meals Series:
    • Part 1: Jay Langfelder, Jake Strawser, Luke Copping, Christa Glennie Seychew, Rudy Watkins, Luci Levere, Josh Smith, Erin Moser, Greg McClure
    • Part 2: Brad Rowell, Bobby Finan, Will Petersen, Sean Wrafter, Tessa Lowe, Matt Kahn
    • Part 3: Allison Ewing, Mike Dimmer, RJ Marvin, Aaron Ingrao, Seamus Gallivan, Victor Parra Gonzalez
    • Part 4: Scott and Al Robinson, Alan Bedenko, Michael Khoury, Thomas Jablonski, Chris Lindstrom, Ed Forster, Matt Carlucci
    • Chef Steve Gedra’s Favorite Meals of 2016


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