Alli Suriani

1535690_10101490182723828_150513638_nThe other half of Buffalo Eats, Alli accompanies Donnie on most of his dining adventures. She also edits all of the posts and generally makes sure Donnie doesn’t do anything stupid. A School Psychologist by day and an animal lover, she has recently made strides towards living a cruelty free lifestyle (especially in terms of the beauty products, cleaning/household supplies and humanely raised meat products). She is an avid instagrammer, especially when it comes to her two adopted dogs, Marty McFly and Penny. Having summers off, she has taken up a pretty intense gardening hobby and can usually be found at a local farmers markets every weekend. She has a soft spot for a good charcuterie board, fresh cut french fries and red velvet cupcakes.

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 Food Judging:

  • Nickel City Cupcake Challenge, Cupcake Judge [Nov 2012]

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