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  1. Alli Suriani

    Thank you, Mike, for thinking that Burger King, Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory, and especially, Red Robin are all terrible places to eat. It makes me sad that Donnie loves Red Robin and Burger King. It also makes me sad that a “great meal” to Vinny comes from Cheesecake Factory. I will admit, though, that I will eat at Friday’s on occasion and I find myself sometimes enjoying it. This makes me less of a person, I know…but everyone has their vices.

  2. Ian

    Hey guys, love the site, thanks for putting up my link. I haven’t included a “links” section, I’ll have to. With all the places in WNY and the passion people have for food, what a great (and fun) thing to do.

  3. Don Burtless

    thanks Ian, i really like what your doing with your site. I think Buffalo is an incredibly under-rated food area, and I love trying new stuff so I thought this would be a cool way to keep track of it.

    and the links section really is more like a bookmarks for me hahah i find stuff and just throw it on there, hope people will check out something new. but thanks again.

  4. Alli Suriani

    ur all gonna get really fat.

  5. Hey Alli, I’m with you. I do have the occasional Whopper craving, maybe twice a year. And Friday’s is ok once in awhile. I actually had a pretty darned good chicken dish there.

    I used to travel a lot in my job and sometimes spent as much as 3 months straight living in a hotel. The chain stuff as regular fare can get pretty nasty. It was during those long out of town stints that I started to seek out local food, from New Jersey diners to college town pizza shacks.

    Don’t get me started on the Cheesecake Factory. My 80 yr old parents were basically treated like pieces of dirt by the snotty little hostess at the Galleria while I was parking the car. We’ll never go back. I had some kind of leather chicken. My brother’s fish entree looked like bait.

  6. We are setting up a new blog in Texas and would like to trade links with you. You can find your blog already linked to our site.

  7. We just opened our own little hot spot here in the village of hamburg. We are a true New York Style deli that does more than just serve the best sandwiches around. We have an amazing menu that will work for foodies and non-foodies alike. We have dishes that cater to vegitarians and carnavors. (hope I’m not graded on spelling). Our kitchen also puts out amazing Italian dishes and homemade soups. So please give us a try and tell the world what you think.
    Joe Caparco

  8. Chad Blanar

    Hey Don and Alli!

    You should really check out Spragues Maple Farm and Restaurant! Here is the link… Their Turkey dinner is to die for… they raise their own turkeys and everything… definately worth the drive! Also have you checked out O’Briens Pub & Steakhouse in Eden ?

    Here is the site for both restaurants!

    Let me know!

    • Emily Keddie

      I second Sprague’s Maple Farm- super nice place to go down near Cuba. Amazing breakfast. Think original pancake house on steroids.

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