Master List

Here’s a list of restaurants and bars that we’ve reviewed for Buffalo Eats that are located in the Western New York area, the restaurants in blue have unfortunately closed since our review. As of 11/20/2015, we’ve written about 577 visits to local restaurants.

If you’d like to see our list of restaurants from our various travels, click here.

11 thoughts on “Master List

  1. Stacey Simmons (Mueller)

    You guys should try the Left Bank. On Rhode Island, I love that place and would be interested in your opinion. LOVE the web site guys!
    Btw…My favorite dish at left bank is this penne pasta in a vodka sauce with prosciuotto and banana peppers. Delicious.

  2. Don Burtless

    stacey i am all over that, i’ve heard really good things about that place. I’ll make sure to add it higher on my wish list.

  3. Catherine

    I agree about the Left Bank – go with the carrot papardelle with lobster. It is awesome. Also, Kentucky Greg’s BBQ in the Depew/Airport area is good. Great gumbo and excellent fries. The BBQ is good too.

    • Don Burtless

      i finally went to left bank and it was awesome and i got the lobster carrot paperdelle and it was amazing. kentucky gregs has also become a favorite of ours.

  4. what’s that picture from

  5. pokeydog

    Looking for recommendations for a seafood restaurant out at the lake…
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Alli Suriani

      If you are in the Hamburg area, I suggest the Dock at the Bay (along Route 5 right on the lake)
      They have a great patio and there seems to always be a good crowd and a band playing. It is slightly pricey but they have a rather large selection of seafood and steak dishes.

      There is also Harrys Habour Place near the city which also is a bit more expensive than your normal Buffalo restaurant but always gets good reviews.

      Hoaks Armor Inn is a slightly cheaper option. That is also in Hamburg on the lake (near Dock at the Bay). From personal experience, their french onion soup is fabulous and their seafood options are pretty good.

      Hope this helps! :)

  6. Carmen Young

    I would love to see Viking Lobster Company on here

    • Don Burtless

      Carmen, I can assure you that it’s very high on our ‘to do’ list, we’ll definitely get there in early 2013.

  7. Christy

    Prospero? On Pennsylvania – you have to go

  8. Gina Serra

    You should try Caramici’s Bistro & Bakery on Hertel Ave in North Buffalo. The bakery has been in business for about 8 years, but the bistro just opened in April. The food is all homemade Italian and tastes just like Nana’s! I highly recommend the chicken marsala and penne con vodka.

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