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  1. Thanks for the mention!

  2. Hey guys and gals – I’m working for a Buffalo startup called Refulgent Software which has created Ambur, an iPad Point of Sale solution for restaurants – I JUST started a blog and was hoping you could give me some sort of critique(I’m definitely not a seasoned writer in any sense).

    Any help from some fellow bloggers would be great – you can find it at amburapp[.]com/blog – and it’s called “10 Ways to Google-ize Your Restaurant.”

    Email me if you have any suggestions etc.!


  3. Thanks for adding me to the links list! I really appreciate it :)

  4. Thanks for adding me to this list! I’m proud to be a foodie in Buff.

  5. Julie Kianof Fink

    Our staff enjoys your website & follows you on twitter. Wondering if you would add our site to your links? It would be a nice element on your site to provide your readers with some info about our region.

  6. Hyman Brown

    Have you check out Shish Kabob Heaven? Never heard of us? Well we are small now but trying to break into BBQ catering/food truck. We will be running a crowd fund soon to raise money for a Food truck. We will be offering a free tasting soon and would love to have you stop by to feast on the best BBQ this side of Heaven. Pleased contact us .

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