The Roaming Buffalo

The Roaming Buffalo debuted in the 2011 when the food truck “boom” in Buffalo really started and have gained legions of followers since. Their menu originally was heavily filled with many of Buffalo’s classic dishes (Beef on Weck, Loganberry, Wings) but over time they’ve started to experiment with recipes for unique burgers and sandwiches. Fans of the truck have become hooked on their “bacon jam” and their WTF Burger (burger with peanut butter and ‘bacon jam’) has become their flagship burger and one of our favorites. If the weather outside is cold, you can also grab a cup of their delicious Chicken Wing Soup. Chris’ long-term goal for the truck is to open several more through out the country, ideally in areas filled with Buffalo ex-pats who are longing for their favorite dishes from back home. In April 2015, The Roaming Buffalo and Mikey Dee’s Catering announced their partnership in taking over the former Cobbers on the Creek, the restaurant will feature classics from both food trucks.

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