The Cheesy Chick

Cheesy Chick

The buzz for The Cheesy Chick started in mid 2011 as Buffalo heard a rumor about a grilled-cheese themed food truck. Owner Alexis Andrzejak started up the truck after working as an elementary school teacher for six years and becoming frustrated with the lack of job opportunities. After noticing the popularity in Buffalo’s growing food truck scene, she decided to start a truck and follow her passion for food and cooking. The truck hasn’t made a big impact on the late night dining scene, but has been seen all over the city/north-towns serving lunch crowds and appearing at special events. In 2013 the truck was sold to the mother and daughter team of Simone Fancher-Rowan and Stefanie Rowan, keeping a similiar menu of grilled cheese sandwiches while incorporating new menu items too. (photo from their Facebook page)

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One thought on “The Cheesy Chick

  1. simone fancher

    Please update…The Cheesy Chick is back on the road with new owners!!! Find us on Facebook !!!!!

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