FallyMac (CLOSED)


UPDATE: FallyMac has closed

  • Website: http://fallymac.com/
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter (@fallymac716)
  • Cuisine: Mac-N-Cheese
  • Prices: Mac-N-Cheese $3-8, Sandwiches/Sides $4-7
  • Phone: 716-462-4339
  • Owners: Falynn Koch
  • Debuted: October 2013
  • Media Coverage: Step Out Buffalo
  • Description: After living in Savannah for a couple years, Falynn decided to move back to her hometown of Buffalo to open a food truck. Buffalo has seen mac-n-cheese served as a side dish from a food truck in the past, but not until FallyMac hit the streets in Fall of 2013 has the town scene a truck dedicated to the comfort food. They offer a variety of pre-made dishes along with some basics that are available for customization. The beautiful blue Mercedes food truck is one of the best looking trucks in the area with some of the best looking graphics we’ve seen in the area.

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