The Mighty Adventure

If you live in Buffalo and have never heard of Mighty Taco, there might be something wrong with you.  I understand that not every single person in Buffalo loves Mighty, it’s not for everyone.  I also would never classify Mighty Taco as any form of “authentic Mexican”.  However, I personally have loved Mighty Taco since I first tried it as a 17 year old on open campus at Orchard Park High School.  I’ve had my stretches of ups and downs, but I’ve always enjoyed a late night visit for a Chicken Fajita.  I think its pretty good fast food that’s cheap and way better of an option then Burger King or McDonalds.

In early September 2010 I came up with an idea with my brother Tom, our idea was the following: Before the end of the year we would visit every single Mighty Taco, write about our visit, our meals, the actual restaurant and at the end of our travels we would write a final ranking of all 18 locations (at the time there was only 17).  We’d also try everything on the menu at least once (my count is 28 different menu items) before we visiting every Mighty Taco location.  Check our pages to see what has been eaten by Don and Tom.

We’ll talk about the food, anything unique about the location and how the service was.  We initially thought we could finish this in 2010 but we quickly realized that was impossible.

Mighty Adventures:

  1. North Buffalo: 2363 Delaware Ave, visited: 9/13/2010
  2. Orchard Park: 3340 Southwestern Blvd, visited: 9/25/2010
  3. Cheektowaga: 2021 Walden Ave, visited: 10/3/2010
  4. City of Tonawanda: 92 Niagara St, visited: 10/17/2010
  5. Tonawanda: 1762 Sheridan Dr, visited: 10/21/2010
  6. East Aurora: 123 Grey St, visited: 11/4/2010
  7. Williamsville: 6930 Transit Rd, visited: 11/16/2010
  8. Hamburg: 5999 South Park Ave, visited: 1/8/2011
  9. West Seneca: 2884 Ridge Rd, visited: 1/15/2011
  10. Depew: 1435 French Rd, visited: 1/23/2011
  11. Williamsville: 5495 Sheridan Dr, visited: 2/19/2011
  12. South Buffalo: 1039 McKinley Pkwy (Noco), visited 3/1/2011
  13. Amherst: 3140 Niagara Falls Blvd, visited 4/5/2011
  14. Tonawanda: 2309 Eggert Rd, visited 4/5/2011

Upcoming Locations:

  • Amherst: 9360 Transit Rd
  • Grand Island: 2455 Grand Island Blvd
  • Lockport: 5691 South Transit Rd
  • Niagara Falls: 2591 Military Rd
Tacos & Burritos:





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