Here are the recurring features that we will be posting on Buffalo Eats:

  • Food Porn – recap of our experience at a restaurant, often with pictures.
  • Beer Porn – a review of a particular microbrew, with pictures.
  • Cookin With Walt – our staff member Walt shares a favorite recipe of his.
  • I Love Buffalo – showcasing things people can do in our city that are fun, cheap and unique.
  • Buffalo Foodies – we interview various Buffalo “personalities” about where they love to eat/drink in our city.
  • Restaurant Review – often a recap of a visit to a restaurant where we couldn’t/didn’t take any pictures.
  • The Mighty Adventure – Don and Tom travel to every Mighty Taco in Buffalo in a 3 month span, then write about their visits.

One thought on “Features

  1. If you’re looking for another great list of places to eat, just Google “Buffalo restaurant guide” and you’ll have many MANY years of unbiased true Buffalo opinions and ratings of out yummy establishments… rated by Buffalonians, for Buffalonians.. check it out..


    Pretty primitive in form, but maybe that’s why it’s lasted so long?

    Cheers! :-) Rob

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