List of Buffalo Eats Approved Restaurants


When we announced our return last month, we teased a couple new features for the website. One of them was the introduction of special ‘Buffalo Eats Approved’ stickers (as seen above) that would be handed out to restaurants, shops and businesses that we really like. These stickers aren’t just given to any establishment, they are given to places that we really believe in and would recommend to any friend of ours. This isn’t a definite list, we’ll continue to add our favorites over time. A few of the establishments listed below haven’t received their sticker from us yet (we’re working on it), but hopefully you will see the stickers popping up in windows soon!

If you think we are crazy for not including your favorite restaurant, leave a comment below!

(Last Updated: 7/31/16)

Bars – Food Trucks – Restaurants:

Farms – Shops

Non-Food Recommendations:

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