Look at Our New Chicken Wing Guide!

We originally came out with a Chicken Wing Guide in February 2010 (who knew!?) and since then it’s been one of our most consistently visited posts on our website. So Tom and I sat down and decided that after our epic Chicken Wing Tournament last year, we were long overdue for an update.

Instead of an alphabetical list we’ve separated the guide by three categories: The Royalty (The establishment. These are the most popular wing places in Buffalo but not necessarily the best, we’ve discussed the pros and cons in their descriptions), Local Favorites (these are where the locals actually go to eat wings, they are more popular than just the regular neighborhood joint but haven’t been visited by the Food Network) and Cult Classics (these gems are so hidden, most Buffaloians don’t even know about them but damn.. they make some good wings).

We intend this guide to be a living document. So when we come across something unique and worth adding to the list, we’ll make the update.