The 2017 Best Restaurant Battle

We’ve done Chicken Wings, Pizza and other mini tournaments that may or may not have been tainted by restaurants buying fake twitter votes….but this tournament has been the most difficult to figure out. I’d like to pretend that we spent weeks organizing the 64 seed brackets for our previous tournaments, but we kind of threw most of those together in a couple of days. But when it comes to the Best Restaurant in Buffalo, we have been taking our time making a comprehensive list.

But first things first, what qualifies a restaurant on this list? Here are the loose guidelines we created to make this as fair of a fight as possible.

  • Semi Fine Dining: We are excluding restaurants that are primarily known as ‘Pubs’ or ‘Bars’ and various ‘Cheap Eats’. The restaurants we chose have a wait staff and are known for being a sit-down dinner spot. Sadly, this excluded some of our favorites like 99 Fast Food, Lloyd Taco Factory, BreadHive Cafe and other great plaes to eat that we consider too casual to compare with places like Hutch’s or Ristorante Lombardo.
  • Geography: We didn’t want to make a list of just restaurants in city, so we tried to get a decent spread of restaurants among the various neighborhoods and suburbs of the greater Buffalo area. That said, most of these restaurants are in the city (about 2/3) but we include Southtowns, Northtowns and even a couple Niagara County restaurants. However, we wanted to leave it there…this means that The White Carrot, one of the best restaurants in a two hour radius of Buffalo, did not make the list.
  • Critical Praise: When coming up with seeding, we didn’t just take our opinion of the restaurant but we also also took into account ratings on websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp and also read through Andrew Galarneau’s reviews. We tried not to have our personal bias towards restaurants or chefs weigh into the seeding too much, but we are only human.
  • Overall Experience: Bonus points were added to restaurants that offer an all around great experience. Meaning if the food, atmosphere, wait staff and bar staff are all excellent.. the restaurant will be seeded higher.
  • Longevity: When it came down to seeding one restaurant over another, occasionally we took into account how long the restaurant has been open. While there are more exciting restaurants that have opened in the last three years, restaurants that have been popular for the last 15 years deserve some recognition.

Like always, these matches will take place on our twitter account in the form of daily polls. They will open at 8am-ish and close at 10pm ish.

Group A – Bracket

Group B – Bracket

Group C – Bracket

Group D – Bracket


Round One (12/4-12/13)

Monday, December 4th (Group A)

1. Oliver’s Restaurant defeated 16. Creekview RestaurantResults

8. Chef’s Restaurant defeated 9. San Marco RistoranteResults

13. Coles Restaurant defeated 4. The Dapper Goose  – Results

5. Osteria 166 defeated 12. SATOResults

Tuesday, December 5th (Group A)

2. SeaBar defeated 15. Chez AmiResults

10. Tappo Restaurant defeated 7. The Remington Tavern vs  – Results

3. Sun Restaurant defeated 14. Falley AllenResults

6. Mulberry Italian Ristorante defeated 11. Patina 250Results

Wednesday, December 6th (Group B)

1. Hutch’s defeated 16. Teton KitchenResults

8. Black Iron Bystro defeated 9. Sinatra’s RestaurantResults

4. Toutant defeated 13. Pano’s on ElmwoodResults

5. Marble + Rye defeated 12. Viking Lobster Co.Results

Thursday, December 7th (Group B)

2. Tempo Restaurant defeated 15. Rick’s on MainResults

10. Vera Pizzeria defeated 7. Carte Blanche – Results

3. Bacchus Wine Bar & Restaurant defeated 14. Protocol RestaurantResults

6. Hydraulic Hearth defeated 11. Billy ClubResults

Friday, December 8th (Group C)

1. Ristorante Lombardo defeated 16. Vino’s Italian RestaurantResults

9. Buffalo Proper defeated 8. Daniel’s Restaurant – Results

4. Shango Bistro defeated 13. Dick and Jenny’sResults

5. Las Puertas defeated 12. Lait Cru BrassiereResults

Monday, December 11th (Group C)

2. Kuni’s defeated 15. 800 MapleResults

7. Mother’s Restaurant defeated 10. SearResults

3. Craving Restaurant vs 14. This Little PigResults

11. Marco’s Fine Italian Dining defeated 6. Webster’s Bistro – Results

Tuesday, December 12th (Group D)

1. Carmelo’s defeated 16. Polish Villa 2Results

9. Russel’s Steakhouse defeated 8. Kennedy’s Cove – Results

4. Trattoria Aroma on Bryant defeated 13. Riverstone GrillResults

12. The Griffon Gastropub defeated 5. Elm St Bakery Results

Wednesday, December 13th (Group D)

2. Left Bank vs 15. Mezza RestaurantResults

10. Buffalo Chophouse defeated 7. Roost vs  – Results

3. The Black Sheep defeated 14. Siena Results

6. The Grange Community Kitchen defeated 11. Salvatore’s Italian KitchenResults

Round Two

Thursday, December 14th (Group A)

8. Chef’s Restaurant defeated 1. Oliver’s Restaurant Results

13. Coles Restaurant defeated 5. Osteria 166 Results (OT)

2. SeaBar defeated 10. Tappo Restaurant Results

6. Mulberry Italian Ristorante defeated 3. Sun Restaurant – Results

Friday, December 15th (Group B)

1. Hutch’s defeated 8. Black Iron Bystro – Results

4. Toutant defeated 5. Marble + Rye – Results

2. Tempo Restaurant defeated 10. Vera Pizzeria – Results

6. Hydraulic Hearth defeated 3. Bacchus Wine Bar & Restaurant Results

Monday, December 18th (Group C)

1. Ristorante Lombardo vs 9. Buffalo Proper – Results

4. Shango Bistro vs 5. Las Puertas – Results

2. Kuni’s vs 7. Mother’s Restaurant – Results

3. Craving Restaurant vs 11. Marco’s Fine Italian Dining – Results

Tuesday, December 19th (Group D)

1. Carmelo’s vs 9. Russel’s Steakhouse – Results

4. Trattoria Aroma on Bryant vs 12. The Griffon Gastropu – Results

2. Left Bank vs 10. Buffalo Chophouse – Results

3. The Black Sheep vs 6. The Grange Community Kitchen – Results


Wednesday, December 20th

8. Chef’s Restaurant vs 13. Coles RestaurantResults

2. SeaBar vs 6. Mulberry Italian RistoranteResults

1. Hutch’s vs 4. Toutant Results

2. Tempo Restaurant vs 6. Hydraulic HearthResults

Thursday, December 21st