Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs Are Opening a Restaurant

Well the news is finally out, the folks at Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs are opening their own restaurant. After operating two food trucks and space at the Expo Market over the last four years, brothers Frank and Paul Tripi have bought a building in the North Buffalo/Ken-Ton area and will be opening their own space in 2018.

Located at 707 Kenmore Ave, Frank Gourmet Hot Dog will be opening a restaurant in a former auto-shop. Construction will begin this winter and when finished, the restaurant will seat 50+ and have parking for ~20 cars. They are planning a fast casual model, customers would order at the counter. The menu will be similar to their Expo spot: there will be hot dogs, burgers, french fries and sweet potato fries. They are still ironing out the details, but they are considering serving beer on tap.

After speaking to Paul on the phone, they are excited to join the growing Kenmore Ave restaurant scene and plan on using this new space to test out some new things and create a home base for the company. I can’t wait for this place to open up and to have access to their delicious Piggery hot dogs on a regular basis. Stay tuned, hopefully we’ll be able to keep track of the construction process as it goes along.