The 2017 Beef on Weck Battle

The 2017 Beef on Weck Battle is part of the 2017 Tournament Extravaganza, click here to see the full schedule/line up.

The Chicken Wing has single handedly brought tourists to Buffalo, it’s THAT popular. It’s far and away the most popular culinary export from Buffalo. But in recent years, the Beef on Weck sandwich has been making some grounds. Anthony Bourdain made a point to focus a good portion of his Buffalo/Rust Belt Episode on the sandwich, Chef Geoffrey Zakarian gave Charlie the Butcher some love on ‘The Best Thing I Ever Ate’, Jimmy Fallon and Mario Batali shared a sandwich in 2016 and all the way back in 2004 Maxim Magazine named Schwabl’s version one of the ‘Top 10 Sandwiches in America’. Our selection below are mostly casual restaurants, spread throughout the Buffalo area. Lets figure out which one is the best, shall we?

Like in the past, the polls will run from 8am to 1o pm on our twitter page:

To view the following in bracket form:

Schedule & Results:

First Round

Monday, Sept 25th

  • 1. Schwabl’s defeated 16. Blackthorn Restaurant & Pub Results
  • 8. Eckl’s defeated 9. Mitchell’s Tavern Results
  • 13. Gabriel’s Gate defeated 4. Swiston’s Beef and Keg – Results
  • 12. Ulrich’s Tavern defeated 5. Kelly’s Korner – Results

Tuesday, Sept 26th

  • 2. Bar Bill Tavern vs 15. Connor’s Restaurant – Results
  • 7. Vizzi’s vs 10. Anderson’s Frozen Custard – Results
  • 3. Charlie the Butcher vs 14. Ebenezer Ale House – Results
  • 6. Adrian’s vs 11. Steve’s Pig and Ox Roast – Results

Second Round – Wed, Sept 27th

  • 1. Schwabl’s vs 8. Eckl’s
  • 13. Gabriel’s Gate vs 12. Ulrich’s Tavern

Semi-Finals – Thurs, Sept 28th

Final – Fri, Sept 29th