The 2017 Chicken Finger Sub Battle

The 2017 Chicken Finger Sub Battle is part of the 2017 Tournament Extravaganza, click here to see the full schedule/line up.

Chicken Finger Subs are great, right? It’s something that is delicious for lunch, dinner or while trying not to throw up in a booth at Jim’s SteakOut at 3am on a Saturday night. It’s slowly becoming recognized as a ‘Western New York’ dish, getting some national recognition as the go to snack of Rob Gronkowski (cheat days only) and Chef Matty Matheson of Vice and Parts N Labour. I’ve tried to find some type of history of the intention of the Chicken Finger sub but the best I could do is find this video from WYRK, where the owners of John’s Pizza kind of admit to creating the dish. The following list of participants in this battle were put together by the Buffalo Eats staff and recommendations from our twitter followers. Photo above from

Like in the past, the polls will run from 8am to 1o pm on our twitter page:

To view the following in bracket form:

Best Chicken Finger Sub (9/18-9/22)

Schedule & Results:

First Round

Monday, Sept 18th

Tuesday Sept 19th

Second Round – Wed, Sept 20th

  • 1. Jim’s Steakout defeated 9. Imperial Pizza – Results
  • 13. Bella Pizza defeated 12. Nino’s Pizzeria Results
  • 2. John’s Pizza and Subs defeated 7. Mike’s Subs – Results
  • 3. John & Mary’s defeated 11. LT’s Old Tyme Pizza and Subs Results

Semi-Finals – Thurs, Sept 21st

  • 1. Jim’s Steakout defeated 13. Bella Pizza Results
  • 2. John’s Pizza and Subs defeated 3. John & Mary’s Results

Final – Friday, Sept 22nd

  • 2. John’s Pizza and Subs defeated 1. Jim’s Steakout Results