The 2017 Buffalo Brewery Battle

The 2017 Buffalo Brewery Battle is part of the 2017 Tournament Extravaganza, click here to see the full schedule/line up.

Like many cities across the US, Buffalo’s current brewery scene is very very young. It wasn’t that long ago that the local scene consisted of just a handful of breweries, many of which were small brewpubs that were more known as much as restaurant destinations then as a beer destination. In 2010, things started to change (thanks in large part to more favorable NY State legislation) and we ushered in a new generation of breweries. The list below shows that you can get a really good beer in the City, in the Northtowns AND Southtowns and even up in Niagara County. Our seedings were determined through a group discussion amongst the Buffalo Eats Staff and based on a ‘general feeling’.

Like in the past, the polls will run from 8am to 1o pm on our twitter page:

To see the Brewery Battle in bracket form, click here. We’ll try to update it as quickly as possible.

The Tournament:

Schedule & Results:

First Round

Monday, September 11th

  • 1. Big Ditch Brewing Company defeated 16. West Shore Brewing Company See Results
  • 9. Resurgence Brewing Company defeated 8. 42 North Brewing Company See Results
  • 4. Woodcock Brothers Brewery defeated 13. Rusty Nickel Brewing Company See Results
  • 12. Ellicottville Brewing Co. defeated 5. Thin Man Brewery See Results

Tuesday, September 12th

  • 2. Community Beer Works defeated 15. Pearl Street Grill & Brewery See Results
  • 7. 12 Gates Brewing Company defeated 10. NY Beer Project See Results
  • 3. Flying Bison Brewing defeated 14. Buffalo Brewing Company See Results
  •  11. Hamburg Brewing Company defeated 6. Old First Ward Brewing Co See Results

Second Round (Wed. September 13th)

  • 1. Big Ditch Brewing Company defeated 9. Resurgence Brewing Company See Results
  • 12. Ellicottville Brewing Co. defeated 4. Woodcock Brothers Brewery See Results
  • 2. Community Beer Works defeated 7. 12 Gates Brewing Company See Results
  • 11. Hamburg Brewing Company defeated 3. Flying Bison Brewing See Results

Semi Finals (Thurs, September 14th)

  • 1. Big Ditch Brewing Company defeated 12. Ellicottville Brewing Co. See Results
  • 11. Hamburg Brewing Company defeated 2. Community Beer Works See Results

Final (Friday, September 15th)

  • 1. Big Ditch Brewing Company defeated 11. Hamburg Brewing Company See Results