First Bite: Jay’s Artisan Pizza

When you write and talk about food as much as I do, you come across some real food nerds out there. I mean this in the most complimentary way possible. These folks are obsessed with food and usually with a very specific type of food. They work all day honing their craft and then they go home and watch YouTube videos or read books about it. Jay Langfelder is one of those people and his passion is Neapolitan pizza.

Jay is the kind of guy who will throw out pizza dough when it doesn’t meet his standards. He has tested dozens of types of dough, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes to make sure that his pizza is as good as it can get. Jay (and his girlfriend Amanda) have been working on their pizza making skills for the last couple of years on their food truck, OG Wood Fire. The entire Buffalo Eats staff have been big fans of his pizzas since that truck debuted in 2015 and have even called it the Best Food Truck in Buffalo.

Next week Tuesday (September 5th), Jay’s Artisan Pizza opens their doors on Delaware Ave in the village of Kenmore (just a couple spots down from La Divina Mexican Store). For starters, he’ll be offering nine different pizzas that range in the $10 to $15 range. Each pizza has four good sized slices. I would say that one pizza per person would be good idea, but if I’m being honest, I could probably down two pizzas myself. Eventually, there will be some desserts and salads to compliment pizzas, but the menu will be kept small. Customers can walk up to the register to order and the food will be brought out to the table. He is still waiting on the liquor license, so at our visit there were Johnny Ryan sodas and sparkling water. Eventually, they will serve beer and wine.

Kenmore’s Village has become a hot foodie spot, with places like La Divina and Home Taste opening their doors in recent years. Jay’s Artisan Pizza is only going to add another foodie destination to the town that is worth going out of your way for. If Jay can make the best pizza in Buffalo on a food truck, we are all excited to see what he can do with a proper restaurant.

Jay’s Artisan Pizza will be open starting next week Tuesday thru Saturday 4-9 pm.
Eventually they will adjust the hours to incorporate some lunches.

Photo Gallery: (Photo Credit: Jeff Biesinger –Nickel City Smokers)