The 2017 Taco Battle

The 2017 Taco Battle is part of the 2017 Tournament Extravaganza, click here to see the full schedule/line up.

The taco scene of Western New York has really improved in recent years. After decades of American-Mexican fare dominating the area, a surge of genuine authentic Mexican cuisine has shown up in the city of Buffalo and to the surrounding suburbs. After some discussion with the Buffalo Eats staff, we came up with the following 16 restaurants to compete against each other for the title of Best Taco in Buffalo. This mini tournament features a wide range of competitors, from Buffalo’s go to fast food chain Mighty Taco, to the growing Lloyd Taco empire, to the seasonal Monte Alban taco truck in Medina. From September 4th through the the 8th, we’ll be determining who has the best Tacos in Buffalo.

Like in the past, the polls will run from 8am to 1o pm on our twitter page:

To view the following in bracket form:

The Tournament:

Schedule & Results:

First Round

Monday, September 4th

Tuesday, September 5th

Second Round – Wed, Sept 6th

  • 9. Cantina 62 defeated 1. Lloyd Taco – See Results
  • 2. La Divina defeated 10. Mighty TacoSee Results
  • 6. Deep South Taco defeated 14. Elmwood Taco & Subs – See Results
  • 12. Gramma Mora’s defeated 13. Lone Star Fajita Grill – See Results

Semi Finals – Thurs, Sept 7th

  • 9. Cantina 62 defeated 12. Gramma Mora’sSee Results
  • 6. Deep South Taco defeated 2. La DivinaSee Results

Final – Fri, Sept 8th

  • 9. Cantina 62 defeated 6. Deep South TacoSee Results