We Respond To Your Sarahah Comments!

Remember Sarahah? It let people to send anonymous comments to other people and was really popular for like a weekend? Well during that weekend, we reached out to our followers on Facebook and Twitter to get some feedback on what people want from Buffalo Eats in 2017 and beyond. Together, Tom and Donnie are responding to what you told us over the last couple of days. We hope you like our (kind of) serious answers:

I think that your tournaments are great for everyone involved. Maybe a food truck or taco tournament next? I’m sure that you probably already have something in the works regarding a future tournament. It’s such a great opportunity for exposure and community involvement. Keep up the great work!

(and also)

Less tournaments.

 We’ll probably do more tournaments (Also, we’ve done two. It’s not like were flooding your timeline bro). People seem to enjoy them and I really enjoy watching people yell about something that isn’t politics or sports. Our plan is to spread them out every three months and change them up. 

You’re too political and leave out certain restaurants for unknown reasons. Celebrate all of Buffalo great food.

We don’t intentionally leave out any restaurants. Some just come on our radar and others don’t. Also – this is a not for profit blog. Any meals that we eat and talk about come out of our own pockets. So if a place isn’t easy to get to or doesn’t appeal to us – we may not get there. As far as being political, we don’t intend for this to be a political blog – but it’s also made up completely of our opinions. We don’t have paid advertisers, or have anyone to necessarily piss off – so… if we need to speak out, we will.

Do a ice cream tournament. Fran-ceils (which will win) lol Nick charlaps Dq Hannah’s….. stuff like that

The tournaments have been a lot of fun. Look for new divisions in the upcoming months. Also… DQ? What.

It’s pretty clear that for some reason you’ve avoided some of the best new restaurants in the city and have some sort of personal issues with different chefs/owners. I’d like for you to work past them and act with a more fair and level hand for the sake of food all over Buffalo.

I think this is one of the reasons that we’ve decided to come back online, diversify our staff a bit, and get after a broader audience. There are always going to be personality conflicts, and not everyone is going to get along. People won’t always like our honest opinion, but it will be ours, and it will be honest. We also are not going to operate like the original Buffalo Eats. We aren’t going to cover everything with a review that just opened, it burned us out last time and frankly… people don’t care about long reviews these days. 

Love in depth reviews of restaurants and news about events restaurants/chefs might be having (ex: Barrel and Brine pop up, Butter Block doing a special pastry, gospel brunch, midnight mass, etc.). Also really enjoy news about restaurants opening, rumors of things in the pipeline and stuff happening within the community (like collaborations or new chefs).

We really like writing most of these things too. Hopefully we can get back to doing more of that, minus in depth reviews unless something really compels us (see Tom’s review/post of This Little Pig)

How about a #BuffaloEats app where buffalonians can rate and write review on local restaurants in the area ?! Could be BIG!

Sounds like fun – are you a developer? Or willing to do it for us? We’d dig it. That said, we have no interest in becoming Yelp because there already is Yelp.. and Facebook… and Trip Advisor..and Zomato (does anyone use that anymore? remember how shitty Urbanspoon reviews were?) oh and Foursquare.

Stop being so self absorbed and awful.

It comes with the territory and worked really for us over the last eight years. 

Go to thin man, their beer is amazing and food is phenomenal. The buns are to die for

We went there a couple of times. Beer is good. Food was pretty decent. Haven’t been back since the chef change. Will have to stop in again.

I would like to hear about waterfront restaurants and nice patio restaurants!

I wish we had some good waterfront restaurants. Most of them suck in our opinion. I guarantee the folks at Step Out Buffalo have some real deep coverage of what you’re looking for.

Videos by some guy named Tony

Tony is great. We’d love to have some videos by a guy named Tony.

What we want to see: a monthly NSFW pictorial of Alli. She’s hot AF

Don’t be gross.

why not give up

We did. But then we got bored fighting with local vodka distilleries. So here we are again.

Maybe an occasional column on distinct local dishes and how to make them at home? Thanks

Great idea. One of our part-time-writers actually has a passion for stuff like this. Maybe we can bribe him.

I would love a Table of Contents sort of a feature. List of restaurants linked to blogs where the restaurant is reviewed/referenced. Occasionally we jump in the car to head out for a bite, and forget the places we’ve “been meaning to hit”. A list to scan would solve that problem especially for a non city dweller that gets out 1x/2x month. For the record, when we’ve left with a destination in the past, we could read your blog and know what was not to be missed, and what to pass on. Sometimes it was hard to figure out where a food porn pic came from. My dumbass would find it easier if each pic was tagged.

Agree. Love this. One of our big plans for the future is to help answer the immortal question “where should we eat tonight?”

True coverage of the scene. You have enough people qualified enough to give true reviews of places. What is truly good and what is mediocre. Go for the throat, Buffalo’s food scene needs you.

This is… sort of… why we’re back. As we stepped away, we realized that there is really not much honest food writing in Buffalo. Almost everything that comes out is very fluffy. Also, thank you for the vote of confidence. We’re going to do our best.

Alibaba Kebab, William St. Buffalo. Clean, friendly staff, large portions. Check it out for yourself.

I’ve driven by this place many times, and never stopped. I will make it a point to pop in the next time I am in the neighborhood.

I would love to see reviews that take price point into account. Buffalo has amazing restaurants, but I find it shocking that many charge as much as Michelin starred restaurants. I really don’t understand why it is possible to eat similarly well made food in Brooklyn and Toronto for less money. Maybe that’s not the purview of your reviews, but thank you for being open to comments. Thank you also for your work–Buffalo Eats is really one of my favorite Buffalo publications.

This is an interesting piece of feedback. As we’ve run articles and contests ranging from several course fine dining experiences to pizza and wings, the less expensive always get the most traffic in Buffalo. While it has been great to see all of the new places opening up lately, price certainly comes into play. We are looking at ways to help people know what to expect when they walk into a restaurant, but given this comment, we will also look at ways to eat well on less money. For example, some really great restaurants offer half-off bottles of wine specials on certain days, and others offer prix-fixe menus that can make their food more accessible. I think featuring those, or making people aware of those would be helpful.

There’s a tendency to be a little cliquey

Buffalo Food in itself is “cliquey” unfortunately. One of the reasons we came back is to try and work past that. Internally, we have agreed to disagree among the staff, so we hope to put out less “feel good” articles and more honest and informative. 

I would like to see coverage of Niagara County

This is an area none of us get to very often, but agree that it does need coverage. We would love to get some recommendations on restaurants to try out that way so that when we head up there next, we can give them a whirl and report back.

Dinner Parties! Blogs that include guest diners once a month or something like that would be fun to see other peoples thoughts and reactions.

Do these really happen? I agree that someone needs to pick up the slack now that The Workshop by Ed Forster and Omakase have basically gone on hiatus. There’s some folks out there trying to still make that happen.. I’d suggest looking into Midnight Mass and The Crucible. But we will try to cover these when they happen!