Chicken Wing Tournament of Champions: Day Four Recap

Written by Donnie Burtless

Hey! We got really busy and now we need to go back and recap the Round 1 match-ups that we forgot to do! Here we go!

Brennan’s Bowery (3) defeated Falleta’s (14) – Brennan’s is the Shatzel family owned bar that I haven’t visited that often, in fact I think I’ve only been inside once. It’s also located in a plaza off Transit Road but somehow on the inside it actually feels like an old, neighborhood pub. Anyways, they crushed Falleta’s of Clarence which had some early backing buzz on twitter but never had a shot.

Sportsmens Tavern (4) defeated The Pub (13) – I had no idea what The Pub was until I googled it. Any bar that looks like the store front of a West Side bodega has my vote. That said, I’ve always appreciated Sportsmens Tavern even though I never go there. What they are doing on the DL in Black Rock is really neat and there have been plenty of folks over the years that swear by the wings.

Sal’s Lounge (12) defeated Nino’s Pizza (5) – This one hurt. Granted, I love Nino’s Pizza for their pizza WAY more than their wings. But I love Nino’s. Those fake wood benches in their West Seneca dining room have a special place in my heart. I could do without the constant Fox News and stock photos that were blown up and shoved on canvas frames, but that sloppy pizza will always win. This was really the first time I’ve heard about Sal’s but apparently their wings are the shit. Or at the very least, they have a strong following on twitter that has risen up. I look forward to trying out this place.

Blasdell Pizza (11) defeated (6) Pasquale’s – My Mom’s side of the family is obsessed with Pasquale’s and it’s a weird obsession. They literally eat there on a weekly basis and I don’t get it. It’s an average mid-scale level Italian restaurant that has opened a couple locations across the Southtowns. Their wings are better than they should be but thats really as far as I’ll go with praise. Blasdell Pizza has some real diehard fans out there and they spoke up in the first round. I’ve had their wings too and they are fine. I don’t think either competitor will make it to the Sweet Sixteen.