Chicken Wing Tournament of Champions: Day Two Recap

Day Two Recap by Donnie Burtless.

While Day 1 of the tournament saw tight races that went back and forth, Day 2 saw a couple blow outs. Here are some thoughts on yesterday’s match-ups.

North Buffalo’s own 3. Kelly’s Korner crushed Colden’s 14. Colden Country Inn. I can’t say I’m surprised. Kelly’s Korner has a sneaky die hard following and for good reason, their food is dirt cheap and their hot wings are lights out. Sure the regulars can get a little rowdy and Alli and I might have had an interesting time listening to their reactions to the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics, but I still like the place. I won’t lie, Colden Country Inn was added to the bracket to help diversify the neighborhood selection. We needed someone to represent the South Southtowns and they were the best candidate. While their wings might not stand out in this competition, you should stop by on a Tuesday for a DEEP FRIED TACO (*ACTUALLY A BURRITO). Seriously, it’s a real thing and we wrote about it in 2009.

The tournament’s biggest win margin came from Elmwood’s own 4. Mister Goodbar which destroyed the East Side’s 13. Swings Wings with a 87% to 13% win. Again, Swing was added because a couple people on twitter mentioned them and we wanted to get at least one wing spot from the East Side on the bracket. I’ve never heard of them and their website really looks like a chain restaurant but alas, they never stood a chance against everyone’s favorite bar to grab a Natty Ice (or rare craft brew) and watch local stand-up comedy/an all emo cover band.

Kaistertown’s 5. Wiechec’s continued the chalk winnings by defeating Elma’s own 12. Roaming Dee’s. I’m going to shock the world and state that I’ve never stepped foot into Wiechec’s. I know. I know. It’s on the list of my most embarrassing ‘never have been to’ restaurant lists, right up there with Rue Franklin (I KNOW). Tom tells me that Wiechec’s is great and he would know, he has multiple y’s in his last name. Roaming Dee’s was kind of a combo choice with their food truck sister Roaming Buffalo. After some confusion over whether or not Roaming Dee’s was still open, it was cleared up that they are renovating their original location and have opened a second location at a strip club. All clear now.

Finally, the closest matchup of the day was between Woodlawn’s (apparently thats a neighborhood but I still call it Lackawanna) 6. Bases Loaded beating out North Tonawanda’s 11. Witter’s by a 2:1 margin. I know nothing about Witter’s except that┬ápeople who spend a lot of time in North Tonawanda have nice things to say about it. Bases Loaded however is a hidden gem and do a real good job with their wings. Back when Buffalo Spree enlisted Alli and myself to eat a billion wings for their 2014 (2015?) Wing Issue, we discovered Bases Loaded and have gone back several times. Real good stuff and also cheap as hell.