The 2017 Chicken Wing Tournament of Champions

Yes, we are really doing this.

The team at Buffalo Eats are hard at work creating a new website, new logos, new features and bringing on board new writers. But before we launch any of that, we thought we’d spend WAY too much time coming up with an epic Chicken Wing tournament.

We’ve put together a list of 64 restaurants and bars that are (at least somewhat) known for having good chicken wings. Are we missing some? There’s no doubt. Frankly, I can’t wait to see the Facebook comments yelling about how we missed some hidden gem in Sloan (but seriously, if there is a hidden gem in Sloan that serves really good chicken wings please tell us).

After coming up with a solid ~40 locations on our own, we reached out to the twitter world to help fill out the rest of the bracket.

A Breakdown of the Process:

  • We’ve broken the pool of 64 up into four ‘regions’: Blue Cheese, Carrots, Celery and Frank’s. In traditional March Madness format, the pool of 64 will have head to head competition until a final winner is chosen.
  • Through lots of Twiter polls, followers will decided a winner that will go onto the next round. Instead of blowing up everyone’s feeds, we’ll keep the limit to four matchups per day until we get to a winner.
  • The ‘voting’ will take place from 8am through 10pm each day, starting on Friday, March 3rd, 2017.
  • We’ll post the results on this post and update everyone via all social media.
  • We encourage lobbying for your favorites and heated arguments.
  • Winners will not be re-seeded and will follow College March Madness bracket rules: 1vs16 will face 8vs9, 2v15 will face 7vs10, etc.
  • Follow along with hashtag #BufWingTourney17

Blue Cheese Region: 

Carrots Region: 

Celery Region:

Frank’s Region:


Day One: 3/3/17 – Recap

1. Anchor Bar defeated 16. Dukes Bohemian Grover BarPoll Results

2. La Nova Pizzeria defeated 15. Striker’s LanesPoll Results

7. Imperial Pizza defeated 10. Franco’s PizzaPoll Results

8. JP Fitzgerald’s defeated 9. Grover’s Bar & GrillPoll Results

Day Two: 3/4/17 – Recap

3. Kelly’s Korner defeated 14. Colden Country InnPoll Results

4. Mister Goodbar defeated 13. Swings WingsPoll Results

5. Wiechec’s Lounge defeated 12. Roaming Dee’sPoll Results

6. Bases Loaded defeated 11. Witter’s Sports Bar & GrillPoll Results

Day Three: 3/5/17 – Recap

1. Duff’s defeated 16. The Boston HotelPoll Results

2. Elmo’s defeated 15. Conlon’sPoll Results

10. Adolf’s OFW Tavern defeated 7. Sawyer Creek Hotel – Poll Results

8. Just Pizza defeated 9. Klimek’sPoll Results

Day Four: 3/6/17 – Recap

3. Brennan’s Bowery defeated 14. Falletta’sPoll Results

4. Sportsmens Tavern defeated 13. The PubPoll Results

12. Sal’s Lounge defeated 5. Nino’s PizzaPoll Results

11. Blasdell Pizza defeated 6. Pasquale’s – Poll Results

Day Five: 3/7/17 – Recap

1. Gabriel’s Gate defeated 16. Thirsty BuffaloPoll Results

2. Doc Sullivan’s defeated 15. Loughran’sPoll Results

7. Buffalo Sports Garden defeated 10. Vito’s AvenuePoll Results

8. Picasso’s defeated 9. La Bella SicilaPoll Results

Day Six: 3/8/17 – Recap

3. Dwyer’s Irish Pub defeated 14. Audubon NorthPoll Results

4. Mammoser’s defeated 13. Brunner’sPoll Results

12. Chick-N-Pizza Works defeated 5. Pony’s Poll Results

6. Swannie House defeated 11. Bella PizzaPoll Results

Day Seven: 3/9/17 – Recap

1. Bar Bill Tavern defeated 16. Santino’sPoll Results

2. Nine Eleven Tavern defeated 15. The Wales HotelPoll Results

10. Amherst Pizza & Ale House defeated 7. Potter’s Field – Poll Results

8. The Now Pizzeria defeated 9. Roman CafePoll Results

Day Eight: 3/10/17 – Recap

3. Cole’s defeated 14. Snyder Bar & GrillPoll Results

4. Judi’s Lounge defeated 13. Macy’s PlacePoll Results

12. Gene McCarthy’s defeated 5. Voelker’s – Poll Results

11. Caputi’s Sheridan Grill defeated 6. Central Park GrillPoll Results


3/11/17 (Blue Cheese Region)

8. JP Fitzgerald’s defeated 1. Anchor BarPoll Results

2. La Nova Pizzeria defeated 7. Imperial PizzaPoll Results

3. Kelly’s Korner defeated 6. Bases LoadedPoll Results

4. Mister Goodbar defeated 5. Wiechec’s LoungePoll Results

3/12/17 (Carrot Region)

1. Duff’s defeated 8. Just PizzaPoll Results

2. Elmo’s defeated 10. Adolf’s OFW TavernPoll Results

3. Brennan’s Bowery defeated 11. Blasdell PizzaPoll Results

12. Sal’s Lounge defeated 4. Sportsmens TavernPoll Results

3/13/17 (Celery Region)

1. Gabriel’s Gate defeated 8. Picasso’s PizzaPoll Results

2. Doc Sullivan’s defeated 7. Buffalo Sports GardenPoll Results

6. Swannie House defeated Dwyer’s Irish Pub vs  – Poll Results

4. Mammoser’s defeated 12. Chick-N-Pizza WorksPoll Results

3/14/17 (Frank’s Region)

1. Bar Bill Tavern defeated 8. The Now Pizzeria Poll Results

10. Amherst Ale House defeated 2. Nine Eleven TavernPoll Results

3. Cole’s defeated 11. Caputi’s Sheridan PubPoll Results

12. Gene McCarthy’s defeated Judi’s LoungePoll Results



8. JP Fitzgeralds defeated 4. Mister GoodbarPoll Results (Blue Cheese Region)

2. La Nova Pizzeria defeated 3. Kelly’s KornerPoll Results (Blue Cheese Region)

1. Duff’s defeated 12. Sal’s LoungePoll Results (Carrot Region)

2. Elmo’s defeated 3. Brennan’s BoweryPoll Results (Carrot Region)


1. Gabriel’s Gate defeated 4. Mammoser’sPoll Results (Celery Region)

2. Doc Sullivan’s defeated 6. Swannie HousePoll Results (Celery Region)

1. Bar Bill Tavern defeated 12. Gene McCarthy’sPoll Results (Frank’s Region)

3. Cole’s defeated 10. Amherst Ale House – Poll Results (Frank’s Region)

ELITE EIGHT – 3/17/17

8. JP Fitzgerald’s defeated 2. La Nova PizzeriaPoll Results (Blue Cheese)

2. Elmo’s Bar defeated 1. Duff’sPoll Results (Carrot Region)

1. Gabriel’s Gate defeated 2. Doc Sullivan’sPoll Results (Celery Region)

1. Bar Bill Tavern defeated 3. Cole’sPoll Results (Frank’s Region)

FINAL FOUR – 3/18/17

2. Elmo’s Bar defeated 8. JP Fitzgerald’sPoll Results

1. Bar Bill Tavern defeated 1. Gabriel’s GatePoll Resuts


1. Bar Bill Tavern defeated 2. Elmo’s BarPoll Results