Buffalo Eats is Coming Back, Also… Shirts!

In case you haven’t noticed our occasional tease, Buffalo Eats (the blog) is coming back.

After a long time away, we’ve decided to team up with some of our friends and relaunch this thing. Instead of Alli and myself doing the majority of the heavy lifting, we are going to split the work with our good friend and fellow food nerd Tom Przybylak. Plus, some familiar faces in food writing will be chipping in with the occasional blog post. (Pictured above, the heads of Buffalo Eats and a James Beard nominated Chef)

We are currently working on a new website design, some new features, a new logo and some other fun stuff that should be uploaded soon-ish.

We did launch our new Buffalo Eats t-shirt this week with our pals at My Buffalo Shirt. Our buddy Adam came up with the diner inspired design and we’ve decided to donate a portion of each sale to Journey’s End, an awesome local organization that is helping local refugees settle into our community. A number of local restaurants have worked with Journey’s End to help staff their restaurants and we think that we should help them continue to their work anyway we can.

Head over to the My Buffalo Shirt website and buy a shirt or three.

While you wait for the website to get finished up, please check us out on InstagramFacebookTwitter. We’ll continue posting to those in the meantime.