Hey guys, it’s been really fun but…

We’ve said this on the record a few times, but at the end of every year, Alli and I sit down and talk about the future of Buffalo Eats. Last year was one of our best ever. We traveled, added some excellent bloggers to the team, broke some really cool restaurant news, made our own award ceremony and so much more. Going into 2016, we were really excited about the Buffalo food scene and how far it’s come but we also noticed that we were really exhausted and had lost the passion of running this website. After some lengthy discussions over the last few months, we’ve decided to close up the Buffalo Eats blog.

We started this website in February 2009. In that time we (along with some friends) have written over 1,700 blog posts, visited roughly 800 restaurants (locally and world wide) and recorded over 150 podcasts. We’ve gone from dumb kids living with our parents to a married couple with a house of our own and now we’re expecting our first child. Our lives have completely changed since we started this website over seven years ago. That’s partially the reason why we are stepping back, but not the whole reason. We were talking about closing up shop way before the baby news came along but that gave us the extra push we needed. Two years ago a baby probably wouldn’t have stopped us. But now we simply don’t have the drive nor the time needed to keep this website going strong but that doesn’t necessarily mean Buffalo Eats is going away for ever.

What’s NOT changing. We love recording podcasts with local food people, so Grain of Salt will continue for the foreseeable future. As new and exciting restaurants continue to open in this booming restaurant scene, we will continue to update our Buffalo Eats Approved list and The Ten from time to time. We really enjoy taking pictures of food and occasionally hanging out at restaurants that are being built, so we’ll continue to post on our various social media platforms as often as possible. Our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) combined have over 30,000 followers, so it would be a waste to just shut those down. We still want to spread food news and promote our favorite restaurants, so we will continue to do that, just not in blog post form and maybe not as often as we have before. We are still working with the fine folks at My Buffalo Shirt and Fetch Dog Treats to put together the Orchard Park Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market this summer, so stay tuned for the full vendor lineup. And we have put together our 2nd annual Buffalo Eats Ride for Roswell team and have already raised $2,000 in just over a week. Please consider a donation!

We can’t say thank you enough to the 2+ million people who’ve visited this website over the last seven years. You guys are the reason we’ve been able to do so many cool things and we are forever grateful. Running this blog has been nothing short of awesome. It has changed our life completely and we have loved every single second of it. Watching the Buffalo food world grow from a loose group of dedicated but unknown chefs and a scattering of legit restaurants to the booming and exciting scene it is now has been so amazing to watch. The city has come so far and there’s no end in sight.

The unexpected bonus of running Buffalo Eats? The people we have met and become close friends with over time. There’s a handful that helped us more than they probably even realize. We could make a list but really, you know who you are and we love you so much.

With our closing, we really hope someone else picks up the slack. Our pal and former contributor Michael Chelus at Nittany Epicurean will be doing his best but this food scene is big enough for multiple food blogs with great food photography and plenty of well thought out/honest criticism.

So, thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts. We hope we’ve played at least a little role in helping WNY’s food world get to where it is today and will always be in the background with a big smile, watching it continue to get better and better.

One thought on “Hey guys, it’s been really fun but…

  • April 26, 2016 at 9:21 am

    Donnie + Alli – just wanted to thank you for your many contributions to the WNY restaurant scene over the years. Both Buffalo and BuffaloEats were very different when you started blogging, versus where they are now. The dramatic improvements in both local restaurants and this site have been equally obvious and important to many people, including myself. Thank you for the countless hours you spent providing information for everyone. This blog will be missed.


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