Lloyd is opening… a boat?

Is Lloyd really opening a taco boat?

Over the last six years Lloyd has basically taken over Western New York. With four trucks on the road, an incredibly popular catering company, a brick-n-mortar restaurant (with a second coming!) and an appearance on national TV, it seems like they really can do anything they want. Hell, on our podcast a couple weeks ago owners Pete and Chris talked about the possibility of having ten Lloyd Taco Trucks on the road.


A follower of ours happened to catch a Lloyd employee posting an instagram post and tweet showing a mockup of a Lloyd boat (yes, seriously) last night. The posts appeared to be quickly deleted and Pete and Chris haven’t responded to any texts that I’ve sent. On top of that, I managed to find a somewhat hidden blog post on Lloyd’s website (yes, they have a blog) that seemed to be a work in progress announcement of a new Taco Boat venture. There aren’t many details but it appears to be a food truck that can also act as a boat. Doesn’t look like there’s much space to eat tacos on board but could be quite the sight on the waterfront.

Looks like Canalside could be even more fun this summer.

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