First Look: Pizza Plant Canalside

Pizza Plant has been a favorite destination ever since my wife and I discovered it many years ago. Its transit road location has been a regular stop when hungry for pizza and thirsty for beer — which happens often. There’s so many unique facets to Pizza Plant, it’s hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it… sort of like the restaurant equivalent to The Matrix. At first glance it looks like you’ve walked into pizza and beer tchotchke chain-restaurant heaven. But then after closer study it becomes clear that Pizza Plant is definitely a WNY place. It’s a pizza place, equipped with phone order take out. It’s a sit down restaurant, with various dinner plate options and specials. It’s a craft beer bar, with a massive selection, tasting events and tap takeovers. Lastly, (and our personal favorite aspect of Pizza Plant) It’s a family place as much as it’s a place to hang out at the bar log in drinking time.

The spot in our hearts reserved for Pizza Plant has recently expanded as they have opened another location at the ever growing and ever popular Canal Side in Buffalo. It’s nestled on the North West corner of the Phillips Lytle building facing the canal.

The owners did a remarkable job retaining the unique kitschiness and atmosphere of the original location while also making it feel new and modern. The center piece of the bar is a giant keg lined with copper tap handles. Red-lit tin ceilings anchor each dining area and a discrete projector rotates through the available brews, softly lit on a brick wall.

Sign (Pizza Plant Canalside)

Keg Taps (Pizza Plant Canalside)

The craft beer list includes 30 taps as well as bottled options. Canal Side also offers a full bar, which will soon feature a large whiskey selection. The food menu is virtually the same, which for us is just perfect. There’s nothing like the smell of Pizza Plant dough wafting through the air as you sip on a fresh brew. There’s also nothing like ordering a custom Pizza Plant garlic-wheat stuffed pizza with artichokes, spinach, banana peppers and hand-cut pepperoni. Or the “Amy Pod” with artichoke hearts, fresh spinach, ricotta, mozzarella and a requested addition of hand-cut pepperoni.

We predict that the Canal Side Pizza Plant will be pretty much the only place we’ll be stopping at for either a beer, or a pizza for the foreseeable future when visiting Canal Side.

*Don’t know what a “Pod” is? You’ll have to go to Pizza Plant and find out.

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  • January 29, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    Transit Rd. was definitely not the original location. When I moved to Buffalo in the early 1980s, it was located in Northtown Plaza, but even that might not have been its original location, which I seem to remember being somewhere near Parkside.


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