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Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I love a good diner. Nothing fancy – just hot coffee, well cooked  breakfast fare, in a clean place with excellent service. I’ll probably be writing a lot about diners and such in the future because I tend to frequent them often.

I discovered this hidden gem in the strip mall on Dick Road and George Urban in Cheektowaga while I was heading in to my office and needed to grab a quick bite. I don’t know how I’ve missed it as I’ve driven past this plaza a thousand times, but there it was with its big Buffalo Bills sign in the window and lit up OPEN sign.

IMG_0717I dropped in and was one of the only patrons there. As with many diners, the decor was country kitchen style with cottage style fading wallpaper and borders. For me, thats the signal of good things to come. It was seat yourself and I chose a booth in the center so that I could get a solid view of the operation. I was met immediately by a very friendly server who brought coffee on the assumption that I would want some (I did) and directed me to the menu behind the napkin dispenser (where it should be.)

The coffee was great. Strong, black, and hot. Not bitter. Straight up good diner coffee made on a Bunn coffee maker and served in  one of those unbreakable ceramic mugs. The menu was filled with the usual breakfast specials, omelette options, and side dishes that you would expect. There was nothing surprising here, but in a diner, I want to see less variance and more solid execution, so I’m good with that.

I ordered a spinach, feta, and sausage omelette. I did take the onions in the homefries when offered and got rye toast with butter. I heard the flat top sizzle as my order was started, and I felt like I was in a good place. There are so many places to cut corners on a diner breakfast, but the places that do the best take the time to cook their food well. I perused the complimentary newspaper and sipped my hot coffee.



When my food came out, I went into my instant diner analysis. The omelette was cooked well, with the spinach, sausage, and feta mixed into the eggs rather than stuffed. I liked it. the rye toast was buttered and hot. I was really happy to see that they did skillet potatoes because this is where I find a lot of diners fail. You often get raw, cold, and bland potatoes, or they take a short cut and just throw them in the deep frier. The best potatoes are the ones that are par-cooked and then browned on the flat top with some salt and onions to order. I was so glad to see these potatoes because that deep-frier shortcut is enough to make me write off a restaurant. They’re not french fries or hash browns -they’re homefries. Thanks for making real homefries, Londa.

Service was great. My coffee cup was never less than half full, and my food came swiftly, hot, and was cooked well. I loved the newspaper folded up for me to read, and the random banter in the kitchen that sets the mood for a good diner experience. I’ll be back.

Londa’s is conveniently located a few minutes from the 33 expressway and would be a great stop before heading to the airport.

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One thought on “Quick Bite: Londa’s Diner

  • November 24, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    We’ve been going to Londa’s for breakfast for quite some time. Nobody does breakfast better.


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