Buffalo Eats is Getting Bigger & Better

You may have noticed a blog post from our friend Tom Pryzbylak a few days ago about Local Restaurant Week. Well, we are excited to announce Tom is officially joining the Buffalo Eats team, but he’s not the only one….

Since starting Buffalo Eats in February of 2009, we’ve always dreamed about this blog becoming bigger than just two people. What started as short reviews with low-quality pictures, has grown into something we can no longer handle on our own. The Buffalo food scene has exploded in the past three years with no sign of slowing down. It’s exciting, but we are just two people with a limited amount of time and money. We decided it was time to get some serious help.

Over the years we’ve had guest posts here and there, but we haven’t had another blogger officially on staff since 2010. Out of the 1,527 posts that we’ve published since February 2009, only 84 posts were written by someone other than myself or Alli. That’s going to change going forward into 2016. Today we are announcing that Tom Pryzbylak, Nick Guy and Michael Chelus are joining the Buffalo Eats team. In case you don’t know these names, here’s a little bit background about why we wanted them to join us on our foodie adventures.

Tom Przybylak: Our pal Tom might not be a household name, but almost every Chef that we know in Western New York has a deep respect for this man and his opinions on food. He’s funny, he’s a proud nerd and he doesn’t mind being brutally honest with his opinions. Tom will be submitting the occasional review and general column on whatever comes to his mind. We really think you’ll love his posts.

Nick Guy: We’ve known Nick for years and regularly ask for and trust his opinions on various Buffalo Eats matters. Nick is no stranger to Buffalo’s food scene. He’s worked on a Lloyd truck and is currently bar-backing at a popular downtown bar. He has attended/worked/volunteered at every local food event you can imagine and has freelanced as a food-writer for Buffalo Spree. Like us, he loves to travel all over the country to eat with his fiance Lizz and has built a great palate along the way. We aren’t sure what Nick will be doing yet for Buffalo Eats, but we know it will be awesome.

Michael Chelus: This was a no-brainer. Michael has been running his own food & wine blog, The Nittany Epicurean, since July 2013. He has the second longest running food blog in Buffalo right now, has thrown together some excellent food & wine events and has even scooped some pretty big food news stories. Michael will continue to write wine reviews on his own blog, but he’ll be switching over his restaurant reviews and other WNY food posts to Buffalo Eats.

We don’t have a set schedule yet, so as of right now we’ll be taking their posts as they come. With the extra help, we hope to have fresh content on an almost daily basis. Our podcast Grain of Salt with co-host Christa Glennie Seychew will have new episodes soon. Sunday Readings will continue each week and we’ll continue to reach out to interesting locals about their favorite eats for our Buffalo Foodies series. There should be some new Buffalo Eats t-shirts/hoodies on the way as well as some fancy updates to the website.

We are excited about these three writers and think our readers will love all the new content we hope to put out. We also are talking to even more people about joining the team and anticipate that our staff will be growing even more in the very near future. We want a variety of authors with different backgrounds and perspectives on the local food scene. So stay tuned for those announcements and if you are interested in getting on board, please contact us (buffaloeats@gmail.com).

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