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Quick Info: Betty’s Grill is a dive bar located in North Tonawanda. According to this facebook page, they are open seven days a week and close at 2am (3am on Fridays and Saturday). The bar has a loose ‘Betty Boop’ theme with several pieces of decor scattered throughout. The bar also offers food. They advertise the “Best Beef on Weck” in town on the outside of the building, however there was no one to working in the kitchen on our visit.

Our Experience: After attending a wedding ceremony down the street, we decided to kill some time before the reception at a nearby bar. Our pals Jon and Kerry recommend Betty’s after noticing the unique exterior on their way to the ceremony. A group of about 15 of us decided to grab a drink and kill some time. Betty’s is definitely a place that has a steady group of regulars. Within minutes, our rowdy group quickly took over the bar. But after Jon bought the regulars a round of shots and quickly made friends with the bartender (he has that skill), we were soon welcomed by everyone.

The Pool Table (Betty's Grill)

Betty’s is definitely a neighborhood dive bar. They have some incredibly cheap beer specials ($2 Angry Orchard, which our bartender called “Angry Bitch” as well as your standards of Sam Adams, Coors, craft beer obviously) and stock some pretty old (yet cool) bottles of liquor behind the bar. Our group mostly hung out at the pool table, which has an amazing giant plastic bottle of Miller Genuine Draft ‘encased in ice’ overhead. It was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in a bar and I wanted to buy it immediately. The walls are covered with wood paneling, tables have large stacks of Take Five lotto cards and there is a cabinet filled with tons of random sports trophies. In the one corner were a pile of photo albums, filled with pictures of longtime regulars at the bar throughout the years.

Summary: This is not a destination bar by any means. However, if you find yourself killing time in North Tonawanda (like we did that Sunday afternoon), this was a really fun place to hang out. The pool table is in good shape, the bartender was enjoying the crowd and there was plenty of space for a group of 15. Who knows, maybe their Beef on Weck really is the best around town.

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