First Bite: O.G. Wood Fire

Quick Info: O.G. Wood Fire is a Western New York food truck that debuted in July 2015 and specializes in Neapolitan style wood fired pizza. Owner Jay Langfelder is a pizza fanatic and his goal is to serve the best pizza in Western New York. Jay is using naturally leavened sourdough, fresh ingredients and a traditional wood fire oven that can reach 1,000 degrees and will cook a pizza in under two minutes. He makes every pizza himself on the truck and strives for nothing less than perfection. On our visit they were offering four pizzas and were priced from $11 to $12. As of yesterday (July 8) the truck was only taking cash payments but Jay has told us that they will be accepting credit cards very soon.

Margherita (OG Wood Fire)

Our Meal: We visited OG Wood Fire while they were serving along side three other trucks at the Raintree Island Apartment complex community center in Tonawanda (which is actually a nice little area with picnic tables and live music if you live nearby). It was their first public service and Jay admitted that they had some difficulty with the generator and getting the fire going (it takes a little while to get the oven up to such high temperatures). We tried a classic Margherita pizza (plum tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil) and their Pomodorini pizza ($11, fresh mozzarella, garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, parmesan and basil).

As soon we we opened both pizza boxes, we knew these were going to be good pies. The crust had some excellent leopard spotting and was cooked just long enough to char the outside a little but left the dough chewy and delicious. The Margherita was fantastic. The cheese had melted just the right amount and the sauce was just a touch sweet and not overly tangy. It was a perfect blend of flavors and one of the better traditional Margherita pizzas we’ve had in the area. The Pomodorini was also very good albeit a little bit more sloppy than the Margherita. The strong garlic and olive oil flavors went well and the tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. The crust was also really good but slightly less charred than the Margherita. It probably could have used just a couple more seconds in the oven.

OG Wood Fire

CHqkW-rWcAE8LAOA look inside the truck before hitting the streets, courtesy of the OG Wood Fire twitter

Summary: After building some serious hype via private conversations and watching the progress of OG on social media, we are happy to say that both pizzas from OG were excellent. The crust and dough was some of the best we’ve had in the area from any wood fire pizza restaurant. The Margherita was especially excellent and something we’ll definitely order again. Jay told he us felt the pizzas we had were slightly off, but we sure didn’t really notice anything bad about them. The pizzas are large enough for two people to share comfortably and definitely small enough for one hungry person to make it their meal for a night. If you enjoy pizza, you need to hunt down this truck and order one of Jay’s pies. They’re that good. We can’t wait to see what other topping combinations they will be offering next. We will definitely be regulars.

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