First Bite: Wayno’s BBQ

Quick Info: Wayno’s BBQ is a pop-up BBQ stand that can only be found at the Hamburg Farmer’s Market Saturday mornings from 730am-1pm. It’s run by Wade Starnes, a Michigan native who has been working on his BBQ skills for a while now. He doesn’t have a restaurant and has only been serving at the market for a few weeks, but word as spread quickly and lines are getting longer by the week. Wayno’s using locally grown and raised products for all of his menu items including beef from Librock Farms and pork from T-Meadow, where all the animals are raised humanely on pasture.

Menu: Breakfast options include sandwiches, tacos and burritos that include eggs and your choice of meat. Lunch includes brisket and pulled pork sandwiches or platters with a bunch of sides like smoked mac and cheese, slaw, cornbread and beans. There also seem to be some weekly specials like beef ribs (which we hear are insanely good). Check out the full detailed menu on their website. Wade also makes his own sauces; vinegar, espresso and traditional (mild).

The Sides (Wayno's BBQ)Our Meal: Alli headed down to the Hamburg Farmers Market last week specifically to try Wayno’s as well as pick up some fruit and veggies (it’s strawberry season everyone, hurry up and get some). The market is actually quite impressive, located in the Hamburg Municipal Parking Lot right in the village, it has a wide variety of local farms, nurseries and artisan food stands. She arrived at 10:30am and the line for BBQ was about 10 deep. It was clear many of those in line were already “regulars” who come back every week for more. After our meal, I can safely say we will be going back quite often as well.

The special of the day, beef ribs, was already sold out, so she decided on two platters, one with pulled pork and the other with brisket. By the time she got her food (just after 11ish), the brisket and mac & cheese was close to being sold out. Impressive, especially since they brought 50% more food that week because of the recently published article. Each platter comes two sides. She decided on the cornbread, slaw, country potatoes and mac & cheese.

Brisket (Wayno's BBQ)After rushing home, we dove it and fell in love immediately. The pork was full of flavor and quite tender with some delicious fatty pieces as well as crispy bits scattered throughout. With a touch of Wade’s own BBQ sauce on top, it was gone in minutes. The brisket was as good as the hype…smokey, incredibly tender and juicy, and cut in thick slabs to order. It had a perfect fat to meat ratio, which is a good thing. It wasn’t at all overcooked or dried out, like a lot of brisket we have had around WNY. The outer bark was crispy and peppery and the pink smoke ring was a welcome sight. It is easily the best brisket I have had in Buffalo, period.

The sides were also impressive. Alli destroyed the smoked mac & cheese before I could even get a bite and is counting down the days until she can get more. It’s made with four cheeses and smoked for a bit, which gives it a unique but delicious flavor. The cornbread had bits of corn and jalapeno throughout and the country potatoes had a hint of sweetness and were mixed with peppers and onions.

Summary: So, yeah, we are definitely fans of Wayno’s and are super excited to have a legitimate local place to grab some BBQ. We predict their lines will get even longer as the summer goes on and word continues to spread, but believe me, it’s worth the wait. I suggest going with a bunch of family and friends and take turns standing in line while others shop around the market. It’s really a win-win.

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