Review: Lloyd’s Proper Brunch (RETIRED)

Quick Facts: Lloyd Taco Truck and Buffalo Proper have teamed up for a unique Brunch offering in Buffalo (the news was broken by a small Buffalo food blog). Every Sunday, Lloyd will park their truck in front of Buffalo Proper and serve a special brunch menu while Buffalo Proper will open their doors early and offer customers seating and a special cocktail menu. The items on Lloyd range in price from $5 to $10 and the drinks at Buffalo Proper are on par with their regular menu (~$10).

Our Meal: Lloyd has only offered this special brunch menu three times and we’ve managed to visit the truck during last two weeks. Our first visit was interrupted by a small explosion, which mean that we left Buffalo Proper and ate brunch on Elmwood Ave in front of the Lafayette Lofts. On that visit we ordered their Breakfast Burrito ‘El Camino style’, K-uevos Racheros and the Churro French Toast. The Breakfast Burrito ($8) has long been a favorite of ours and we were glad to see this was still available for this special brunch. Instead of ordering this as a normal burrito, we opted for the ‘El Camino’ style which is basically a rice bowl. For $8 it’s an impressive amount of food and is still a sure fire hangover cure. The K-uevos Rancheros ($7) is one of their new additions, two crispy corn tortillas top with eggs, black bean spread, avocado and a smokey k-town sauce. This was easily the most popular item when we waited in line and deservedly so, the runny eggs, fresh avocado and crunch tortillas were a delicious combination. The entire dish had many familiar breakfast flavors with enough healthy-ish ingredients that you can finish this dish and still energetically accomplish tasks for the rest of the day.

K-uevos Racheros (Lloyd Proper Brunch)Scrimps + Grits (Lloyd Proper Brunch)

The Churro French Toast ($6) was indulgent and sweet. These crispy fried brioche sticks (from Carriage Trade Pastries) were incredibly rich, buttery and sugary. If you love sweets, you will want to wait in line for these every weekend. We decided to visit this past weekend as well and order their Scrimps and Grits ($10), the only ‘main’ brunch item that we didn’t try the previous week and their Braised Beef Hash ($7) which was a special on the truck that day. The Scrimps and Grits were an impressive offering of spicy shrimp and chorizo tomato ragu piled on top of a ‘crispy on the outside but incredibly creamy on the inside’ grit cake. The shrimp were perfectly cooked and had a really wonderful, natural taste. This is something I would order on a regular basis. The Braised Beef Hash special got my attention because of the use of Oles Farm potatoes and farm eggs. Both are excellent products from an outstanding local farm. The eggs, potatoes and beef were delicious on their own but the addition of large piece of cabbage threw off the texture of the dish. If they offer it again I’d recommend asking them to omit the cabbage and you’ll be good to go.

Summary: Both Lloyd Taco Trucks and Buffalo Proper are on The Ten, our list of the ten essential eateries in Western New York. So yes, we really like this collaboration. We went into both meals with very high expectations for the food and we are happy to see that they are already matching them, especially considering this is only week three of service. We know Lloyd is going to continue to experiment with specials but their ‘go to’ menu is good enough on it’s own to make a visit. We were fully expecting a simple offering of breakfast burritos and cocktails but we are thrilled to see the Lloyd staff doing a little extra. We are typically not brunch people, but we will definitely keep coming back for more.

Can’t Miss Dishes: Breakfast Burrito, Scrimps + Grits

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