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Quick Facts: Allen St Poutine Company is a quick service Poutine shop located in Allentown (on Allen Sreet, old Crust location). Opened by Konstantine Kentros and Jake Fraser, both restauranteurs and Canadians, this past Friday (March 2015). The restaurant offers nearly two dozen different forms of poutine, the base of which is their double fried french fries, house made gravy and Yancy Fancy cheese curds. Prices range from $4.95 to $8.95, depending on the toppings. You can get your poutine fix from 11:30am to 1:30am, Tuesday through Thursday plus Sunday and 11:30am to 3:30am on Friday and Saturday. The owners are currently in the process of getting a license to serve beer.

Dining Room (Allen St Poutine Co)Our Meals: We’ve visited Allen St. Poutine Company several times. My first visit was their ‘test’ night two weeks ago. There was no official announcement but they opened the doors quietly to test the equipment. I noticed on the first visit that their double cooked fries were already really great, crispy without being dried out. The ratios of gravy and cheese curd were a little off that night, but overall it was very promising. Alli and I visited the following weekend when they were officially open for service and sampled their Traditional and General Tao. Again, the french fries were fantastic and the cheese curds were a little large but still melted enough under the gravy. Our only complaint about their traditional style is the gravy. While it definitely is homemade, it’s a bit under-seasoned and lacks some of that wonderful meaty umami flavor. The General Tao was a weird combination of sweet and savory that somehow worked really well. The fries were topped with a sweet spicy red sauce that was close enough to what you’d find at your corner Chinese restaurant and some small pieces of fried chicken. On our third visit we tried their Buffalo Chicken which is topped with gravy, cheese curds, chicken, hot sauce and blue cheese. The hot sauce was thicker than your standard Frank’s and closer to a spicy ketchup-based BBQ sauce.

Visit #3 (Allen St Poutine Co)Summary: For living so close to Canada, it’s a shame that Buffalo has lacking a true poutinery for this long. Allen St. Poutine Company is the closest thing we’ve tried that resembles what you’d find up North. While the fries and cheese curds are almost perfectly executed, the gravy could use a little bit more flavor. Our only other (small) critique would be the poutine delivery system. Instead of paper cartons like traditional poutine shops typically use, these are served in plastic trays. This allows the fries on the bottom to quickly get soggy. That said, this place is doing a great job and they’ve only been open for a couple days at the time of this post. The owners have done an incredible job with the design of the space, from embracing the white subway tiles to the eye catching ALLEN ST marquee sign that can be seen from the street. This will be a popular late night destination for Allentown drinkers and we look forward to stopping by often.

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