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Quick Facts: The Melting Point is a fast/casual restaurant in Allentown that specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches. After a lengthy construction process, owners Matt Yuhnke and Mike Kifner opened the restaurant in the former Lagniappes/Lucky Dog spot in March 2014. Pricing ranges from $1.99 to $8.99 for a sandwich. They serve lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday and serve til 2am on Friday and Saturday nights. This summer they are planning to expand the dining room into the adjacent empty storefront (former College St Art Gallery).

Our Meal: We arrived on a Saturday afternoon for lunch and found a dining room that was filled with groups waiting for their food to go. It was a little packed while we waited with about ~10 other customers, but the kitchen was moving quickly and the dining room eventually cleared out. We ordered two sandwiches and two soups. Alli went simple and tried their classic grilled cheese (American cheese and white bread) with a cup of tomato soup. Both were excellent, the classic grilled cheese was exactly what you’d expect and brought back many fond childhood memories. The soup was solid, a flavorful tomato broth with just the right amount of viscosity. I sampled the No. 25, a sandwich with chevre, baby arugula and pickled beets on rye bread with a cup of sausage and squash soup. The sandwich was outstanding, the sweet and sour beets were soft and paired very well with the spicy bread and creamy chevre. The soup was a little bit less exciting, the broth was watery was a little under-seasoned but it was very hearty and filled with a lot of sausage and squash.

No. 25 - Chevre with House Pickled Beets (The Melting Point)Summary: The meal was exactly what we wanted that afternoon, a quick and well priced meal that left us feeling full and still energetic. We only sampled a fraction of what they offer, but we really enjoyed the sandwiches we tried. We’d like to explore more of the menu before giving a final verdict, but the No. 25 alone has me excited. If you live downtown and want a healthy quick meal that won’t break the bank, this is a good choice. If you’re drunk at 1am in Allentown, a $2 grilled cheese is an even better idea.

Can’t Miss Dish: We only sampled a couple dishes of their large menu but we’re confident in recommending No. 25, the chevre and pickled beet grilled sandwich on rye. It’s outstanding and fairly healthy.

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