Quick Bite: Lovejoy Pizza (Sloan/Eastside Location)

When a chef tells you about a pizza place he loves, it’s probably a good idea to listen. When two more chefs echo that praise, you should probably try that pizza as soon as possible. That’s exactly what happened with Lovejoy Pizza, a small neighborhood pizza joint down in Sloan (1244 E. Lovejoy, pretty close to the city’s Eastside). We first heard about Lovejoy pizza during Buffalo Spree’s quest for WNY’s best chicken wing. During our time judging we agreed the wings were good, but never even thought about the pizza. In the end, Lovejoy was a wing semi-finalist, but the grand wing prize went to Barbill…and Lovejoy Pizza slipped from our minds.

When it was brought up again to us last week by multiple people in Buffalo’s food industry, we decided to give it a try. We had nothing to lose. Since moving to Cheektowaga, we have not had the best luck finding a solid Buffalo-style pizza place, and that’s not for lack of quantity. And while Lovejoy is slightly out of the way for us (maybe a 10 min drive), it’s 100% worth it. It looks like we finally found our go-to pizza place.

IMG_9853In general, Lovejoy Pizza it’s basically just your run of the mill pizza place that serves the standards of pizza, wings, subs, salads and random fried items. And while we can’t comment on the subs, calzones or fries, we can say with confidence their pizza is pretty fantastic. No, it’s not from a wood oven and no it’s not made with any special ingredients, it’s just a perfectly executed Buffalo style pizza. We’ve had it twice in 4 days (I know, I know) and tried both the large (8 slices) and small (6 slices) and both have been consistently good. Maybe we’re crazy, but we’ve noticed that sometimes the quality between large and small pie’s from the same pizzeria is weirdly different, not at Lovejoy. Both pie’s had an excellent crunchy yet fluffy crust, a nice ratio of cheese to sauce (which was not too sweet or too spicy) and a good quantity of pepperoni cups. It wasn’t sloppy or overly greasy, just an all around great pie.

IMG_0685We also tried their wings again, since there obviously was a reason they were a Best of semi-finalist. What we liked immediately was the extra care put into the packaging. Four holes were popped into the styrofoam wing container, allowing steam to exit so the wings were not soggy. Most pizza places would never care to do that. It meant that even after the 10 minute ride home, they wings were still fairly crispy. They also weren’t swimming in sauce. Each was was coated but not greasy or sitting in a puddle of extra sauce. While the flavor and size of the wing was pretty standard, we were quite happy with the crispiness level.

So in the end, if you live or work anywhere near Lovejoy pizza*, we highly suggest you hit them up for a pie or two. And yes, I realize I just wrote an entire blog post about one small pizza place, but it’s really that good.

*They actually have two locations, the other is on Main St. near Allentown/Medical Campus, but we have not eaten there yet so can’t say if the pizza is the same or not.

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