First Bite: Bagels and Brooze at Hydraulic Hearth

A couple weeks ago we announced Bagels and Brooze, the Saturday Brunch collaboration between BreadHive Co-op Bakery and Hydraulic Hearth. We decided to wait a  week before visiting and let the gals from BreadHive work some of the kinks out. Plus we had a feeling they’d be quite busy the first week (sure enough, the place was literally packed). We invited Grain of Salt podcast producer Tommy and his girlfriend Katie to join us two weeks ago for brunch, so we could try a little bit of everything.

The BarWe headed to Hydraulic Hearth (which is quickly becoming our home away from home) early on Saturday (right at 11am) to avoid the rush. When you arrive, you’ll grab your own seat and place your food order/cash out near the wood fire oven. If you want a drink, order one at the bar or with a waitress who will be walking around. For food, we ordered the Old Man Brooklyn, Bloody Harry and a custom bagel. For drinks, we decided to check out their Beermosa and Mimosa.

The bagels are cooked in the large pizza oven and were just awesome. BreadHive bagels are amazing on their own. But a fresh and warm BreadHive bagel just out of the oven is even better. Seeing how badly I’ve wanted a proper NYC bagel with lox, it was a foregone conclusion that I’d order the Brooklyn. The bagel was topped with thick slices of lox, capers, cream cheese, tomato, red onions, cucumbers and dill. It was the closest thing to a proper lox bagel that I’ve had in Western New York. The lox tasted fresh with a nice firm texture and the ratios of cream cheese, tomato and cucumber were on point. I would have preferred it was sliced thinner but that was my only complaint.

Bloody HarryAlli’s Bloody Harry bagel was also pretty great. The housemade crispy pancetta worked well with the chevre, red pepper spread and veggies. Our customer order included a plain bagel with lebneh, dill and tomato slices. It was simple and perfect for a Saturday afternoon brunch, especially if you’re nursing a hangover.

The cocktails were decently satisfying. I thought the beermosa was alright but didn’t taste that much different then Alli’s mimosa. We’ve heard some good things about the bar’s Blood Mary menu, so we’ll be sure to check that out next time. Since our visit the gals at BreadHive have already begun experimenting with eggs in the oven, so I am sure even more additions are just around the corner. Next time you are looking for a Saturday brunch, this should be a no brainer.

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