Blue Table Chocolate Unveils New Flavors

A couple days ago we got an email from our buddy Ben Johnson of Blue Table Chocolates. He was excited about the new flavor lineup he just unveiled for 2014-2015 and wanted to send us a sample of what to expect this year. We couldn’t have said yes any quicker. We tried his chocolates for the first time last year and we were blown away.

After taking a short break over the summer time (it’s hard to ship chocolate in 90 degree eat), Ben is back with some of the most delicious and gorgeous chocolates in Western New York. Honestly, no one is doing chocolates like Ben. Similar what we tried last year, the flavors are strong and complex. The packaging and presentation is very well designed and the booklet that comes with the chocolates provides a guide for the flavors/color schemes. This year, six flavors from last year’s line up will still be available while another six will be new additions (full list below). Ben will also add special, monthly flavors that will only be available for a limited period of time (list also below). We were lucky enough to sample a box of the twelve ‘regular’ flavors. In our opinion, they are still the best looking and best tasting chocolates that you can find in the area.

The Creme Fraiche (Milk Chocolate with Blue Stripe) had the most amazing creamy texture, easily the best we’ve seen compared to other local chocolates. The Pistachio (Green with White Stripe) had a wonderful natural pistachio flavor, the roasting really added another dimension. The Lemon-Mint (Yellow with Green Stripe) perfectly blended the tart and mint flavor. You could almost taste the mint leaves in each bite. The Pure Dark was decadent and is recommended for people who really love their chocolate.

Blue Table ChocolatesBlue Table Chocolates

Here’s a list of their ‘regular’ chocolate line up (flavors that will be available for the rest of the season) and their monthly rotating flavors (only available for that month). Blue Chocolate is currently shipping their chocolates to customers. You can either purchase specific flavors or get a monthly subscription (starting at $60 for 4 months, 12 piece box a month). Make sure you follow Blue Table Chocolate on Facebook, occasionally they’ll collaborate with local restaurants or shops.

Regular Lineup

  • Salted Caramel
  • Diablo (Chipotle-Sesame)
  • Pure Dark
  • Blood Orange (new flavor)
  • Spearmint (new flavor)
  • Creme Fraiche
  • Gianduja (Hazelnut)
  • Passion (new flavor)
  • Pistachio (new flavor)
  • Yuzu-Ginger (new flavor)
  • Cappuccino
  • Lemon-Mint (new flavor)

Monthly Flavors

  • September: Apple-Cider Caramel, Blackberry
  • October: Walnut, Cranberry
  • November: Rosemary-Pine Nut Caramel, Chai
  • December: Nutmeg, Candy Cane
  • January: Coconut Rum, Tropical
  • February: Drunken Cherry, Parisian Raspberry
  • March: Banana-Rum, Brown Sugar Pecan
  • April: Pop Rocks, Strawberry-Mint
  • May: Maple-Bacon, French Toast

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