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There are plenty of restaurants in Western New York that feel like they are stuck in time and haven’t changed in years. There is a fine line between a restaurant that creates nostalgia and feels charming and another that feels sad and outdated. The major difference is usually the quality of the food and luckily Antoinette’s is on the positive side of that line.

Walking into the building, you’ll feel transported to 1958, which was the year they opened. There is wood paneling everywhere, the clientele includes either families with young children or senior citizens, and the retro ice cream counter is pretty neat. They offer small glasses of water with each order, their whip cream and various sauces are made fresh every day and they even make Ice Cream Sodas, which are basically extinct. The menu is printed on a large, double sided laminated piece of paper and has over a fifty different types of sundaes/milkshakes/sodas. They also offer a wide variety of chocolates that they make in-house. Their sponge candy is some of the best that you can get in WNY.

IMG_8381IMG_8374What makes Antoinette’s really great is their house-made ice cream that is made with 14% butterfat, which gives it a wonderful creamy texture. They’ve been making their own ice cream since they opened and they stand by their recipe. Combined with fresh house-made toppings, it really can’t be beat.

Our orders on a weekday evening weren’t that adventurous. Alli ordered her favorite, a hot fudge sundae with sliced bananas. I ordered their Greek Mint Special, which includes two scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, mint sauce, whipped cream and home-made Greek Mints (this ain’t Andes). The only problem that I sometimes have (and it’s not really a problem….) is the size of their sundaes (huge) and the richness of their sauces, which can almost be too much.

Regardless of your age, walking into Antoinette’s will still get you excited. Growing up in Orchard Park, as kids we often went to the second location in West Seneca. Sadly, that location was bought by Nick Charlaps a few years ago. Luckily, after moving to Cheektowaga a few months ago, we realized the original location wasn’t too far away. If you are a fan of old fashioned ice cream parlors (i.e. King Condrell’s) where almost everything is still homemade, Antoinette’s should be on your to-do list this summer.

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