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Occasionally, we’ll go to a restaurant, take some pictures and wait for a revisit to write a proper review. We try to get a wide of a selection of a menu so that our review is fair and offers a true representation of what a place has to offer. This post about Pizza Works Etc isn’t that. Alli and I have checked out Pizza Works a couple times but we’ve basically ordered the same thing on every trip, a small pizza with their sweet sauce. I know what you’re thinking, another pizza post…is that all these guys eat? No, well, sometimes…well, just lately…. Most pizza places are not worth a review, but Pizza Works has one unique item that makes them stand out.

The first time I tried Pizza Works was actually in 2011 when I went to the now defunct Pizza Bash festival. There’s actually video evidence of it here (:22 second mark) thanks to our friend SJ. When I realized that I worked within driving distance of their pizzeria, Alli and I made plans to take a lunch break and check out that sweet sauce once again. Luckily for us, it’s still really good. I disagree with what I said in that video; the Pizza Works sweet sauce isn’t sugary sweet like Chef’s or Pizza Oven red sauce. Pizza Works uses onions to sweeten their sauce which is nice, it doesn’t make you feel like you’re getting a cavity. Alli likens it to the onion sauce you can get on hot dogs on every corner in NYC. So, if you are into sweet onions, you’re in luck. Their crust isn’t thick and doughy like Bocce Club (my personal favorite) but instead a little thinner with a good crunch.

IMG_8451We’ve ordered their fries which are standard and a couple weeks ago I went by myself and ordered a steak sub which was also decent. Their lunch specials are a pretty good deal. If you stop by during a week day this summer you’ll find a large crowd of landscaping dudes taking advantage of their $7 meal options.

The dining room is covered in fathead-esque decals of various Buffalo sports stars and team logos. There are big screen TVs everywhere and when we visited the restaurant for lunch they conveniently had the World Cup playing on roughly ~10 TVs. Wherever you were sitting inside, you had a clear view of the game. Additionally, even with their busy lunch service the food is served at an impressively quick pace.

Basically, we really like their sweet sauce. In our opinion, it’s what separates Pizza Works Etc from all the other pizza options in the area and can be an excuse for a trip for lunch.

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