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BreadHive is the newest member of the Buffalo Eats Approved club, and for good reason…they are really kicking ass. The bakery has only been open for a couple months but their popularity has exploded. Their bread can now be found at the Lexington Co-op, Farmers and Artisans, Guercio and Sons and several local farmers markets (Elmwood Bidwell, Williamsville). You can also enjoy various bread shares (as well as bagel and granola shares) through their website. The later might be your best option to guarantee a taste of their baked goods because every time we’ve gone to the BreadHive tent on Saturdays, they are nearly sold out of everything.

The girls at BreadHive have taken a simple approach. Instead of making dozens of different options of bread and other goods, they have a limited amount of styles they offer (most notably, the West Side Sourdough). In addition, every week they have a special loaf that is only available for a limited time.

Olive Bread, Sourdough, BagelsAlli and I got a sneak preview of their bread and bagels a couple weeks before they officially opened for business. We were immediately impressed but wanted to wait until their official opening to actually write something.

Two weeks ago we visited their stand at the Elmwood-Bidwell Market and grabbed a loaf of sourdough, two plain bagels (it was all they had left) and were fortunate enough to receive a special gigantic loaf of kalamata olive bread. Their sourdough is something special, it’s got an intense sour kick and has a perfect crusty exterior while maintaining a soft fluffy interior. The kalamata olive bread had a lovely bitter flavor from the olives and paired very nicely with some goat cheese feta from Nickel City Cheese.

The star of the show, in my opinion, are their plain bagels, which are the best bagels I’ve ever had in WNY. The first test batch we tried were great but they reminded me of a bialy, a thinner and denser bagel but still with a lot of flavor. It didn’t take long for them to perfect the recipe and now their bagels are fluffy and just right for toasting. They are worth signing up for a bagel share just to ensure you can get some every week.

Bread at Guercio'sOn our more recent trip, we picked up their limited edition Garlic Sourdough at the Williamsville Farmers Market. We lost our minds over the strong combination of sourdough and roasted garlic. When we brought the loaf home, we cut some slices, grilled them outside and put a generous amount of cultured ramp butter on top. It was so good that I could have honestly eaten the entire loaf for dinner.

It’s awesome to see this small west side bakery doing so well. Occasionally, we get depressed when we are really excited for new restaurants/businesses opening but no one seems to share our joy. Thankfully, that’s not the case here. Judging by their sales and local companies who want their bread; everyone seems to be excited for BreadHive. I’m looking forward to trying more new flavors and getting my own bread share in the not-so-distant future.

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