2013: Year Five Wrap Up


Since 2009, every year we’ve posted a recap that covered the growth of the website, our favorite moments and some stats for the nerds out there. You can read out our previous year end posts from 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012

This year went by incredibly fast. Going into 2013, we told ourselves that we were going to take it easy. That didn’t really happen. We wrote over 250 posts this year, recorded another 53 podcasts, judged over 10 events and took vacations to Italy, NYC and San Francisco. It was a fun year and we ate a lot of good food.

This year the website also hit some pretty big milestones. On May 7th we hit 1 million total page views (since 2/13/09) and on July 9th we posted our 1,000th blog post. Both were ridiculous numbers that we never could have imagined five years ago. We set another record for web traffic this year, the blog had over 490,000 visits thanks to our increased social media presence and the help from the kind folks at Buffalo News and Buffalo Spree.

We were featured in Buffalo Magazine in the March 2013 issue and had a fun photo shoot at Nickel City Cheese. In the summer time we were nominated for “Best Blog” by Artvoice, won “Best Local Interest Blog” in Trending Buffalo’s first annual awards and won “Best Blogger” in Buffalo Spree’s Best of 2013 Awards. In November, Nick Mendola wrote a great article focusing on Donnie and how far the blog has come.

We successfully pulled off our first April Fools joke with a Food Porn featuring TGI Fridays. Some people were mad, others were confused and some really enjoyed the joke. It was one of our most popular posts of the year and we got some props from Buffalo.com and even Regina Schrambling.

We recorded another 53 episodes of our podcast Eat It Up (thats over 42 hours of Donnie talking) and we interviewed over 45 new guests. As we mentioned on today’s episode (#103), we are sadly saying goodbye to the podcast. We’ve loved talking to our guests and inviting people to hang out in our basement but we are ending our run due to a combination of moving out of the city, my brother taking his equipment to his new apartment and difficulty scheduling podcasts. There’s a small chance that the podcast might return at some point in 2014, but as of right now we are going to enjoy having one less thing to worry about.

2013 was a great year for Buffalo Eats. In addition to having several great meals in cities all over the world, this year we were able to enjoy more good meals with some of our closest friends. We can’t thank all of our readers enough for supporting us and giving us a reason to continue blogging. We have some interesting plans for 2014, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read about them.

In the mean time, here’s some facts about 2013…

Top Five Most Viewed Food Porns for 2013 (only 2013 articles)

  1. First Bite: Thai Me Up Food Truck [6/20/13]
  2. Food Porn: Woodcock Brothers Brewery [1/8/13]
  3. First Bite: The Black Market Food Truck [1/21/13]
  4. Food Porn: T.G.I. Friday’s [4/1/13]
  5. First Bite: Taisho Bistro [1/28/13]

Top Five Most Viewed Food Porns for 2013 (all articles)

  1. First Bite: Break’n Eggs Creperie [10/1/12]
  2. Food Porn: Grover’s Bar & Grill [11/18/10]
  3. Food Porn: The Liberty Hound [6/27/12]
  4. First Bite: Thai Me Up Food Truck [6/20/13]
  5. Food Porn: Peking Quick One [11/28/12]

Some Facts about 2013:

  • Our busiest day was February 20th, which also set the record for our busiest day ever.
  • Our busiest month was January, which also was our busiest month of all time.
  • Total Posts for 2013: 253 (2009: 184, 2010: 178, 2011: 192, 2012: 311)
  • Our twitter account gained 3,463 followers this year, bringing our total to 8,637.
  • Our facebook page gained 512 likes this year, bringing our total to 2,264.
  • We wrote about our meals at 107 restaurants this year (60 WNY, 22 Italy, 20 NYC, 5 San Francisco)
  • We added 22 new Buffalo Foodies this year, bringing our grand total to 119 since we started the feature in ’09.
  • It would take you 3 days, 11 hours and 22 minutes to listen to every episode of Eat It Up.


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