Photos: Shango’s Vegan Dinner


On Tuesday the staff at Shango held a Vegan Dinner with the help of the Buffalo Vegetarian Society and Yelp Buffalo. It was a steal; for $25 the diners that evening had three courses and a complimentary amuse. When our friend DJ Cook (Sous Chef at Shango) first told us about the menu, they thought the turn out would be small. They were expecting about 30 people. Over 130 reservations later, the restaurant was packed with vegetarians, vegans and curious foodies who were excited to have a dining experience that can’t be found in many Buffalo restaurants.

I was lucky enough to be in the kitchen that night and took a couple pictures of the meal and tried some of the dishes. I’ve always been curious about the vegan lifestyle and have tried various meat substitutes over the years.¬† While I’ve been impressed with how some of those faux proteins can be manipulated, it’s never been tempting enough to swaying me away from my carnivore lifestyle. The dishes I tried in the kitchen that night were clearly vegan but weren’t sacrificing any flavor.

If you’d like to stay up to date on future vegetarian/vegan events, check out the Buffalo Vegetarian Society’s website. Yelp Buffalo is also hosting food events every month, you can find their calender of events here. Finally, you should check out Shango if you are in the mood for an awesome dinner or a great brunch. And don’t worry, they have plenty of delicious meat options for you non-vegetarians.

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