Quick Bite: Blackbird Sweets

UPDATE (7/7/17): Blackbird Sweets is now located at 1547 Hertel Ave.

Alli and I made our return to the Horsefeathers Farmer Market last Saturday and even after reading about the improvements that have been made since last year, we were still shocked. The building showed a lot of potential last year but it looks like it’s been almost fully realized. I’m not sure there is a cooler looking restaurant than Martin Cooks (look for a brunch post coming soon) and every room on the 1st floor has something exciting inside. With a bunch of farmers and unique artisans filling up every spot, it’s a little crowded inside but we made our way around to check everything out. Once the Elmwood-Bidwell farmers market closes for the season in December, I am sure there will be even more vendors at Horsefeathers. If you are like us and like to buy local meat and produce, this should be your go-to place all winter.

One of the larger rooms on the 1st floor holds the Pasta Peddler and Blackbird Sweets. The majority of the room appears to be dedicated to pasta making but there’s a large glass case that has ~12 different cupcakes and some other baked goods near the cash register. The prices are pretty competitive compared to local cupcake shops, cupcakes are $2.50 each or you can grab a six pack for $12. We decided to grab a couple cupcakes and an interesting looking muffin and took them back home.

Quick Info:

  • Restaurant Type: To-go Bakery
  • Cuisine: Bakery/Sweets
  • Location: West Side
  • Prices: Cupcakes $2.5/ea, $12 six pack

Alli ordered a Red Velvet cupcake (because of course she did) and a “Wedding Cake” (almond cake, vanilla buttercream) cupcake, while I ordered a Samoa Cupcake and a crazy looking muffin that was topped with pretzels, nuts and chocolate chips. The cupcakes were great; incredibly moist cake with a light and creamy buttercream frosting. We’ve eaten a lot of cupcakes from several shops over the last two years and while I think Cupcake Orchard probably still has the crown, these are definitely some of the best we’ve had in awhile. The muffin wasn’t as great of an experience, unfortunately. The pretzels tasted stale and didn’t provide the crunch that I was expecting. The flavors and textures weren’t really working for me and the muffin was a little dry.

I’m looking forward to checking out more cupcake flavors over the next two months while we shop at the farmers market inside Horsefeathers. Their shop is open 9am to 6pm during the week (Tuesday through Friday) and 9am to 2pm on Saturday. If you live in the city, you should be going to the Horsefeathers Market every Saturday. After you’re done grabbing some of the best eggs in WNY (Green Heron) or picking up some homemade Chinese dumplings, then grab a cupcake for later.

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