First Bite: Allentown Pizza

There is a bit of a pizza explosion taking place in Allentown. Currently there are three pizzerias that either just opened or are very close to opening. Crust is opening in the Sample Restaurant location and will be offering a Taglio style ‘build your own’ pizza. Cornerstone on Allen is going into the former New York Pizza location and will become a dual bakery and pizzeria. Allentown Pizza was the first of the three pizzerias to open (about a month ago), taking over the former Sweet Tooth (and briefly Buffalo Cupcakery) location.

There has definitely been some renovations to the space; a dining room has been set up in the front and about 2/3 of the building is now an ‘open’ pizza kitchen. While there are several tables to sit and eat, the atmosphere has more of a ‘to go’ vibe or a destination for late night drunk eats (they are open until 4am on Fri/Sat). It looks much nicer than Jacobi’s or NY Pizza, but it’s still very bare bones and doesn’t feel like a restaurant that you’d visit for a sit down dinner. Since we live almost across the street, we took all of our orders to go.

Quick Info:

  • Restaurant Type: Casual, Take Out
  • Cuisine: Pizza
  • Location: Allentown
  • Prices: Subs $6-9, Pizza $3/slice, $12-25

We’ve made a handful of visits to Allentown Pizza and have tried a little bit of everything. Alli went over to try a slice on their first day open. Her slice was already pre-made and heated up briefly in the oven. She was not a fan of the sauce and thought the cheese was really sparse but gave them a pass since it was the first day and the pizza was not fresh. Our first visit together was to order a small Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza (~$14). Since Alli’s pre-made slice was pretty lackluster, we wanted to get an idea of what their pizza tasted like when it was fresh out of the oven. Sadly, it was not much better. The cheese was sparse, not fully melted and had a weird “overly processed” flavor. The crust was a little doughy and undercooked and the sauce was missing just a little sweetness. I went back a week later and grabbed a couple slices of their vegan pizza (pictured below, $2.70/each), one of the signature features of the pizzeria. The slices were much thinner and the crust had much more of a crunch. That day they were offering BBQ ‘Chicken’ and White Pizza for the vegan options. Both slices were very sweet; the BBQ ‘Chicken’ had pieces of fake chicken, pineapple and a sweet sauce while the White had a sweet balsamic sauce on top. I wasn’t a big fan of the vegan cheese substitute (I’m guessing it’s an acquired taste-it had a weird texture) but the slices were so packed with sweet and sour flavors that it made up for it.

On our most recent visit, we tried two of their hot subs, Chicken Finger (gallery) and Steak and Spinach (above). The Chicken Finger was fairly standard but the chicken was a bit dry and there was almost no lettuce or tomato on the sub. Even though it’s $2 cheaper than it’s competitor across the street, I’d still go with Jim’s Steakout when I’m looking to satisfy my Chicken Finger Sub craving. The Steak and Spinach sub was a different story, cooked on a toasted garlic sub roll it was really great and something a bit unique to the typical pizza place menu.

It takes a lot to stand out as a pizzeria in Buffalo and sadly, Allentown Pizza will not be on our go-to pizzeria list. While the vegan pizza is definitely something exciting for a large group of city residents with certain dietary restrictions/lifestyle choices and the fact that they serve until 4am gives Allentown a cheaper option for weekend drunk eats (not named Lloyd), their regular pizza was not impressive. Better pizza can be found just a few blocks (or less) away. For Allentown residents like ourselves, the convenience of walking across the street means that I’m sure I’ll order from there again in the future (I’d like to try more subs, maybe some wings), but I’m really hoping that Crust or Cornerstone give me better pizza options.

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