Food Porn: Brick Oven at Delta Sonic

I know what you’re thinking and no, this isn’t a late April Fools post. For the last couple of months we’ve heard from a couple trusted sources that the pizza at Brick Oven (inside select Delta Sonic locations) was a not only incredibly cheap but was way better then gas station pizza should be. Since Alli and I were trying to limit our restaurant spending leading up to our Italy trip, we decided to make a couple visits to Brick Oven and see if the pizza was actually good.

The ordering process is pretty neat; there’s a touch screen kiosk where you pick what type of pizza you’d like and then what toppings you’d want to add. The pizza’s start at $3 and normally will cost $4-6 after you add a couple extras, unless you really get crazy. You then bring the order ticket to the cashier and pick up the pizza over by the food stations when they call your name. You can watch them make your pizza and the whole process is really easy and almost eliminates all human interaction.

Quick Info

  • Restaurant Type: Take Out Pizza, Gas Station Restaurant
  • Location: Hospital Hill (they have several other locations)
  • Cuisine: Pizza
  • Price: $3 and up (depending on toppings)

Alli visited first by herself and ordered a Margherita pizza that was topped with fresh mozzarella ($2 extra); they make each pizza to order. The employee in charge of making the pizza walked away and left it in the oven for a couple extra minutes. The extra time actually helped give the crust more of a crunch and helped cook the fresh mozzarella a little bit longer (see first picture below). Alli was really surprised that she enjoyed the pizza as much as she did. However, when we went back a couple days later and ordered the exact same thing (pictured below, middle), the pizza wasn’t cooked as long and was a sloppy mess with doughy crust. It seemed there was too much olive oil added and the fresh mozzarella was very watery. The two employees who made our food seemed to be fooling around behind the counter so the quality of our pizza definitely suffered.

After finding a 50% off coupon (it was only good for July, sorry), we decided to go back again and try two more pizzas. This time I ordered a Margherita Pizza with fresh mozzarella (above) and a regular cheese pizza with pesto (gallery). The pesto wasn’t that great but having the Margherita was much better than our second visit. When I saw the Brick Oven employee start making my pizza, I asked if they could cook the pizza for a couple more minutes. I believed I asked for “extra crispy.” The results were much better and quite enjoyable. The crust was less doughy and in some parts actually had a little char while the cheese toppings weren’t as soupy.  I would still love a little extra char on the pizza (the oven may not be able to do that) and maybe more training with the staff (I watched one employee get confused about fresh mozzarella), but I was still satisfied.

Overall, depending on what employees are working, the quality of the pizzas can vary. I suggest chatting with the person making the pizza and making sure they use the right amount of toppings and leave it in the oven a bit longer than they normally would. The pizzas have about four slices and are more then enough for one person to have dinner or can be a nice snack for two people. This isn’t the best pizza in Buffalo and I wouldn’t suggest anyone driving out of their way to get it (there’s only four in WNY). However, if you have a location nearby, it’s a VERY cheap option for a ‘better then it should be’ dinner.

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