Food Porn: Tabree (CLOSED)

Tabree fell into a category of restaurants that we always wanted to try but for one reason or another, never did. When they were located on Elmwood, they were known for their French cuisine and great patio. Since the move to Snyder in August 2011, the restaurant has gone through a couple changes. Former Executive Chef Brenden Haggerty has left to take over The Whole Hog food truck and Chef Bruce Wieszala (formerly of Carmelo’s, COPPA Artisan Meats) has taken over the kitchen.

We’ve tried Bruce’s food several times over the years and have always been impressed, whether it’s his delicious charcuterie or at various events around Buffalo, his devotion to using local and quality produce and meats has always been inspiring. So when we heard the news that he took over the kitchen, Tabree immediately moved up our to do list. So when we were looking for locations for a birthday dinner for my father-in -law, it seemed like a good reason to make a special trip.

Quick Info:

  • Restaurant Type: Semi Fine Dining
  • Location: Snyder
  • Prices: Appetizers $9-21, Entrees $20-40, Sandwiches $14-22

We decided to start the meal with one of their appetizer specials, Stuffed Squash Blossoms (pictured below). Filled with creamy ricotta cheese and placed on top of a sweet and tangy tomato sauce, they were lightly fried, crisp and absolutely delicious. Even some of the picky eaters at our table, who would normally stay away from anything involving the word squash, enjoyed a couple bites. I ordered the Grilled Octopus ($12, gallery). The sweetness from the octopus combined with the tangy romesco and salty olives was interesting and enjoyable. Alli’s Mom ordered a Wedge Salad ($9.50, gallery), it was pretty standard but had actual pieces of bacon (no bacon bits here) and she seemed to enjoy it.

For our main course we knew that either Alli or I had to order the Pork Belly Banh Mi ($14, gallery). We’ve been dying to try Bruce’s version of the Vietnamese sandwich since experiencing a sample of it at Big Fuss 2.0. It was just as great as we remembered; the pork belly was perfect, the bread was fresh and crunchy and the spicy mayonnaise give each bite an extra kick. This version of Banh Mi is right up there with what you’d find from Nickel City Cheese or The Black Market Food Truck (actually it’s a little better, sorry guys). For my entree, I ordered off their specials menu and went for their intimidating Ultimate Burger, a thick slice of Texas Toast topped with a burger (mixed with Veal bone marrow), pork belly, gruyere cheese and a fried duck egg. The burger sounded like a dare for my stomach, but a delicious dare. It was insane but in very good way; the burger had a great flavor, the pork belly was tender and the duck egg had a large rich yolk that coated the entire sandwich. I managed to take down all of the meat on the plate but had to stop at the 1″ thick bread. It was ridiculously good and filled me up for about two days. The rest of our group ordered the Steak Au Poivre, the Burger and the Roasted Chicken from Oles Farm. The chicken was really fantastic. The meat was juicy, the skin was crispy and it was served with fresh asparagus, fingerling potatoes and a great au jus. The steaks and burgers were served with fresh cut fries that were cooked perfectly.

While everyone really enjoyed their entrees, it was the desserts that won everyone over and had our dinner group really excited. While I couldn’t even attempt to eat anything else, somehow the rest of our table made room and ordered the Flourless Chocolate Cake, an Oles Farm Strawberry ‘Deconstructed Cheesecake’ and Warm Apple Tart. Tabree’s version of cheesecake was a HUGE hit with Alli, who finished it before I could even take a bite. The dish consisted of a cheesecake mouse on top of crumbled graham crackers along with fresh Oles Farm strawberries that were made into a sorbet or sorts; holy crap. Alli is still dreaming about it and says its worth the trip to the restaurant alone. The Chocolate Cake was dense and rich but not extreme enough to scare off some of the less adventurous eaters at the table. The Apple Tart was happily devoured by my in-laws.

Our group of six managed to stumble out of the restaurant after dessert really impressed with the quality of food and happily ready to enter a food coma. The restaurant itself is very nice inside and the service was lovely. I don’t find myself in the Snyder area that often, but Bruce is really doing amazing work and it’s easily worth the 20 minute drive from the city. Sure, it can be an expensive night if you go all out, but with very affordable sandwiches (the $14 Banh Mi is a steal for its size and quality), there is something for everyone’s budget.

Disclaimer: As we continue to meet people in the local restaurant scene through events and our podcasts, we’ve become friends with several Chefs/Cooks in the area. We should note that Bruce is one of those chefs and he knew that we were at the restaurant that night. That said, I don’t think we had any preferential treatment and would recommend Tabree to anyone looking for a really fantastic meal.

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One thought on “Food Porn: Tabree (CLOSED)

  • July 17, 2013 at 11:19 am

    Huge fan of your blog – I have probably forwarded it to two dozen different people outside Buffalo as part of my “please come visit us” campaign – and have shared it with family & friends here in the city, especially when we’re looking for some place to go have a great meal.

    Could I ask you to do one thing for us, those of us who are going to get in car and head out for these places? Could you please put a street address on the post?

    I mean, when you talk about an Elmwood restaurant or one on Hertel, they’re not so tough to find with a slow drive down the street, but you head out into the ‘burbs and that’s completely different.

    Yes, I know we could look it up for ourselves, but the point is – I’m going to the resto because of your review. I want to get in the car and go! I keep a little book with these reviews in my bag and if we’re out already – having the address written down means we’re there and eating in 15 minutes.

    Thanks. And thanks for the blog. Enjoy the reviews very much.


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