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I’m not exactly sure why, but we went to Peg’s Place in Hamburg to celebrate Father’s Day with my father in law. Before being told that we’d be driving down to Hamburg at 8am on a Sunday, I had never heard of the restaurant. But after doing a little research (reading the Buffalo News review, google), I realized it was the diner across from Red Top.

When we arrived to Peg’s Place around 8:30am, the parking lot was full (as expected on Sunday/Fathers Day). Normally diners seat themselves when they arrive, but since we had six people in our group we had to wait. It gave me time to look around and notice some of the features that probably makes the restaurant very popular with an older demographic; waitresses chatting with regulars, Quick Draw screens and a lottery scratch off machine and TV’s that were all airing advertisements to other business. The restaurant also pays homage to Lake Erie with framed historic documents, a large selection of model ships and a bunch of marine themed “flair” (life preservers, nets, etc) nailed to the wall.

Quick Info:

  • Restaurant Type: Diner, Casual
  • Cuisine: Breakfast, American
  • Location: Hamburg
  • Prices: Breakfast under $7; everything else mostly under $15

Our server wasn’t overly friendly but was very efficient. The restaurant appears to work like a well oiled machine and within 25 minutes after being seated we had received our food and were asking for the check. The menu of Peg’s Place is incredibly large and you’ll find everything from breakfast (served all day), pizza, hamburgers, reubens, tacos, chicken fingers, fish fry, pot roast and liver and onions. Our table ordered a good variety off their breakfast menu.

Alli ordered one of her favorite dishes, Eggs Benedict (~$6). On top of a toasted English muffin, they piled fried pieces of ham, poached eggs and a creamy hollandaise sauce. It definitely wasn’t the best version she’s ever had, but it was a solid and something she’d probably order again if we found ourselves there for breakfast in the future. I ordered their Corned Beef Hash (~$7) with eggs and homefries. The hash was slightly burnt but I enjoyed the crispy salty bites paired with the soft potatoes and runny egg yolks. Alli’s parents both ordered two specials from the breakfast menu and enjoyed their meals, although their sides of orange juice were comically small. Alli’s brother and his girlfriend both ordered Chocolate Chip Pancakes (3) with Bacon. The only complaint I heard was they were a little soggy, otherwise it looked like they enjoyed their meals.

Overall the meal was decent for diner style breakfast food. I can’t say anything really blew me away but our bill ended up being under $60 for our table of six. If I lived in the Hamburg area and Peg’s was a short drive away, I may stop in once and a while for a cheap Sunday breakfast. But it doesn’t compare to restaurants like Bertha’s or Sophia’s which are arguably some of the best breakfast options in all of Western New York and much closer to our house.

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  • June 28, 2013 at 11:26 am

    Best rye toast in the world.


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