Recap: Midnight Mass #2 – Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

A couple weeks ago, Alli and I were lucky enough to get spots at Bistro Europa’s second Midnight Mass dinner. The first dinner was back in April and featured Chef Steve Gedra and Chef James Roberts serving some off-menu ramen to a hungry crowd late on a Saturday night. This time Chef Ed Forster (Mike A’s) joined Steve in the kitchen to serve the crowd some fried chicken…in his own unique way. Like the first event, the food was served very quickly and to the entire crowd at once, except this time on elementary school trays. Each tray had a big piece of fried chicken on top of soy stained liver mousse, sides of kosho kimchi and espelette fried chocolate, a cup of spicy sorghum syrup dipping and for dessert a schmaltz coated ‘drumstick’ cupcake. The fried chicken (from Painted Meadow) was different then what you’d expect, a little trickery using meat glue helped the dark and white meat mix together but still kept everything tender. The fried chocolate and kimchi combination was awesome and the spicy sorghum tasted like a combination of maple syrup and chili oil (I want a liter of the stuff). The schmaltz on the cupcake gave it a savory kick that coated your mouth in a weird but really tasty way. The event was just as fun as the first and it was great to see the restaurant packed on a Saturday night with people who are excited about food and different dining experiences.

The next Midnight Mass will be held on June 23 with Chef Bruce Wieszala (Tabree), however they haven’t announced the theme yet. I’d follow their facebook page for updates but I strongly suggest making your reservation now. Once officially posted, this particular event sold out in 6 hours and their first event sold out in just a couple days. Bistro also has a really cool 4 Course Beer Pairing Dinner ($65) coming up on June 16th and a Farm to Table Dinner ($150) on June 30th at Oles Farm as well.

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