First Bite: Red Mango (CLOSED)

UPDATE: Red Mango has since closed.

Food trends in Western New York may be delayed compared to bigger cities, but they tend to blow up once they finally arrive. In 2011 we saw four cupcake shops open around Western New York and last year we saw four Ethiopian restaurants open in the city. It’s taken a little bit longer, but Frozen Yogurt has finally arrived in Western New York. Yogen Fruz has been taking over local malls since 2009, but it wasn’t until last year when Yo Betty and FroYo Culture added some more frozen yogurt options. This summer there are three new options coming to town; White Rabbit (they are opening 3 locations, starting on June 6th), Yotality (also opening three Buffalo locations) and Red Mango (as of now, just one location).

Since the majority of the internet buzz about Red Mango was positive, we decided to go out of our way to visit their Williamsville location (next door to Five Guys on Transit).

Quick Info:

  • Restaurant Type: DIY Froyo
  • Cuisine: Chocolates/Ice Cream
  • Location: Williamsville
  • Price: ~$5 per person

The restaurant’s decor and set up is pretty similiar to every other frozen yogurt joint we’ve visited. There is a wall of five yogurt machines, each one has two flavors that can be served alone or mixed together. Then you move to the toppings bar where you can pick out various fruit/candy toppings and sauces. Finally you weigh your bowl and pay per ounce at the checkout. We weren’t sure what could be that special or different until we took a couple bites of their yogurt. Alli was beyond excited to see a Nutella yogurt (Nutty Potion No 9) flavor. The yogurt lived up to the hype, and she has had it on both of our visits. If you love Nutella, you will love this yogurt, especially with some fresh fruit and cheesecake bites on top. It’s really fantastic.

On my two visits, I went out of my way to try two different combinations. On my first trip I tried their Mint Cookie and Dark Chocolate Sorbetto together. Both were on the thicker side and had incredibly rich flavors. I stayed away from fruit toppings and checked out their mini napoleon cookies, strawberry boba (mini juice filled balls) and crumbled butterfinger. They weren’t exactly the best flavors to combine and the mint cookie and dark chocolate slightly over powered each other. It was my fault mixing too many flavors together; either one would have been great on it’s own. On the second visit I took a complete 180 and tried their Pomegrante and Raspberry Sorbetto. Both were incredibly sweet and tart but not in an fake sugar way (does that make sense?). It was refreshing and awesome with the boba balls on top.

We really enjoyed our visits and at the moment, it would be our number one stop for frozen yogurt (provided we are within a certain driving distance). Luckily, it seems that their yogurt will only be getting closer to our house as Red Mango’s founder had tweeted that they were going to open a city location in 2013. Red Mango prides themselves on having all natural yogurts with probiotics that are free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and gluten. If you find yourself in the Williamsville area, you will have about 5 different frozen yogurt options. Right now, our recommendation is to check out Red Mango (have we mentioned they have a Nutella flavor?!).

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